Yo Gotti’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, and Revenue 

Yo Gotti is a well-known rapper worldwide but holds a huge fan following from his home in Memphis. He won many people’s hearts and a handsome amount of money through his rap music. No matter how much he became, he is always connected and Grateful towards his hometown. Through this, we understand that we should always be linked to our roots, which makes us strong.

And when you are eager to know how To Gotti spends his millions, so without any further delay, let’s talk about Yo Gotti’s lifestyle and Assets. 

Yo Gotti’s key facts 

● Yo Gotti’s annual income is around $3 million 

● He earned more than $250,000 per month 

● His California Mansion is on the market at $8.6 million.

Real name Mario Sentell Giden Mims
Celebrated Name Yo Gotti
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Date of birth May 19, 1981
Age 41 yrs
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 72 kg
Hair Black Eye color Dark Brown Parents Geraldine Mims ( mother), Father name Unknown Siblings Anthony Mims (older brother) Religion Christianity
Nationality American Zodiac Taurus
Marital status Divorced
Girlfriend Yaya Sandoval
Ex-Wife Lakeisha Mims
Kids 3 ( one son and two daughters)

Mario Sentell Giden Mims, mainly known by the name Yo Gotti, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 19, 1991. His mother is Geraldine Mims, and his father’s name is unknown, but he used to be a gym trainer. He also has a brother Anthony Mims. 

He grew up in a shady area of North Memphis. Gotti’s mother used to steal and sell drugs on the streets. During his childhood, he has memories where his father spent most of their time in jail. Mario’s family was hustling

to survive and lead an everyday life. But they always try to give Mario the attention he requires; he used to go to his aunt’s place with his cousins. 

While growing up, although it wasn’t a pleasant experience for Mario, he valued all he had and understood things that most hood kids don’t. During his teenage years, young Gotti started showing interest in rap music, and he was into artists such as Kingpin, Skinny Pimp, Eightball, Three Six mafia, etc. 

By 14, Mario started rapping by himself using the name Little Yo. And in 1996, Yo Gotti released his first rap through a mixtape titled, ‘Youngsta’s On A Come Up’; he delivered the mix tape to local record shops and even sold them from the trunk of his car. And that is how slowly but surely Yo Gotti’s career got started. 

Yo Gotti’s career 

Yo Gotti’s career began two years after the mixtape ‘Youngsta’s On A Come Up’ was released. He affiliated with DJ Sound and his team to make his rap song Ridgecrest Killaz; his rap got quite famous in the Memphis locality. That led him to his first independent album Da Dope Game 2, in 2000. Then from 2001 to 2006, he released other independent albums such as Self-explanatory, Life, etc. 

Then after many years of independent music career Yo Gotti’s Sixth album, “Live From The Kitchen,” got released in early 2012. This album achieved the No.12 position on US Billboard 200. The first single of this album, ‘5 Star’, then ”Women Lie, Men Lie”, came out in 2009. Then the third single, ‘Look In The Mirror’ in 2011. 

After experiencing low sales of his album “Live From The Kitchen,” he departed from his previously signed labels and made his Label, Collective Music Group, in 2012. 

Then Yo Gotti released his seventh studio album, I Am, with his Label CMG and Epic Records in November 2013, in which he featured various other artists such as Wale, Rich Homie, Jeezy, YG, etc.

After that, Yo Gotti released a few other studio albums, The Art Of Hustle in 2016, I Still Am in 2017, Untrapper in 2020, and finally, in 2022, he released his eleventh studio album CM10: Free Game. In most of his albums, Yo Gotti featured many famous artists like Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert, etc. 

Yo Gotti’s Other Income 

Yo Gotti made his Label Cocaine Muzik Group to support his music career, later changing the name to Collective Music Group. He signed many young, even new, artists on his Label, BlocBoy JB, 42 Dugg, Mozzy, Lil Mingo, and others; they are part of Yo Gotti’s CMG label group. 

Yo Gotti also collaborated with brands like Puma, Hood America, Pure Atlanta, PRIVE Restaurant & Lounge, Rocksmith, and Childsplay Clothing. 

Yo Gotti even appeared on a Tv series, Check It Out! Video and on a drama film, Video Girl as a guest. 

Yo Gotti’s personal life 

Yo Gotti married Lakeisha Mims in May 1989, but later they got Divorced. Together Yo Gotti and Lakeisha have one son and two daughters; their name is unknown, as Yo Gotti prefers to keep them a secret. 

After Yo Gotti and Lakeisha’s Divorce, Gotti dated Jammie Moses for some time. Currently, he is dating Yaya Sandoval, but it’s unclear whether they are still dating. 

Yo Gotti’s net worth 

Yo Gotti’s net worth is around $16 million. 

Name Yo Gotti
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Record executive
Net worth (2022) $16 million+
Assets and investments $10 million
Cars owned 4+
Properties 1+

Yo Gotti’s net worth summary 

Yo Gotti’s assets 

Yo Gotti has a great choice in real estate; though we don’t know where Yo Gotti used to live, his current residence is astonishing, so let’s talk about Yo Gotti’s real estate.

Yo Gotti owns a beautiful mansion in a gated Westlake Village Enclave in California. In this community, many other celebrities live, such as Bob Chapek, Cooper Kupp, Bruce Kantner, etc. 

The Westlake mansion is based on a 3-acre plot and a more than 10,000 sq. ft living area. This one-story mansion has many unique features. To buy this fantastic mansion, Yo Gotti paid around $7.6 million. 

At the base, it has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Then it has a game room, bar, formal living and dining rooms, main bedroom, etc. Also, the interior of this house is unique. The entrance has vast open space, skylight ceilings, enormous windows for the beautiful view and natural light, and fireplaces.

Outside this mansion, it has a beautiful garden, sitting area, swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, and many other exciting things. Even though real estate is very favorite of rapper Yo Gotti, he enlisted the mansion in the market for around $8.6 million. 

Yo Gotti’s cars

Yo Gotti has a severe obsession with classy cars. If people see Yo Gotti’s car collection on the road of California, they will quickly understand to whom these cars belong, as all of his cars are customized in sky blue, making them unique. So, now that we know about the color of his cars, let’s talk about what car model Yo Gotti owns. 

● Rolls Royce Cullinan this luxurious car cost around $330,000 

● Lamborghini Urus for this car, Yo Gotti paid around $200,000 

● Mercedes Maybach S650 worth around $200,000 

● The Ferrari F8 cost of the car is approx $325,000 

● Corvette 2020, Yo Gotti paid approximately $60,000 for this car. 

Yo Gotti’s Jewellery 

Yo Gotti’s look could have been incomplete as a rapper if he didn’t have any Jewellery to style himself. But fortunately, he has some mind-blowing Jewellery in his collection that completes his look to a different level. 

Yo Gotti owns a thick silver and diamond chain that cost around $40,000; then he owns almost an exact version of the Silver and Diamond chain, but instead of silver, the base metal of that chain is rose gold. But his favorite Cuban jewelry is a mix of silver and gold, costing around $90,000. 

Then he has diamond chains with a pendant of CMG, his label curved with diamonds. Two Baguette chains together are worth around $100,000. Then he has seven Baguette bracelets that cost approx $40,000 per piece. Four CMG diamond rings etc. 

Yo Gotti Watch Collection

Yo Gotti loves jewelry, but he loves the watch more, and according to him, “Watches hold their values way more than any of these chains.” So when he thinks like that, it’s very sure that he also owns some mind-blowing watches. 

● Richard Mille, customized with a rose gold casing worth around $250,000

● Richard Mille cost approx $100,000 

● Patek Philippe Chandelier watch that worth around $300,000 

● Patek Philippe, customized with diamonds for this watch, Yo Gotti spent around $70,000 Etc. 

Yo Gotti’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 $8 million
Net worth in 2019 $10 million
Net worth in 2020 $11 million
Net worth in 2021 $14 million
Net worth in 2022 $16 million


Yo Gotti comes from a family of hustlers where he saw his father and brother spend most of their time in jail. And little Mario always wanted a change for himself to lead a comfortable life. That way, he didn’t stop at anything when he found his love for rapping.

Yo Gotti even sold his first mixtape from the truck or his car. So, staying on your path and focusing on the better you are working for is very important. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

● What is Yo Gotti’s net worth in 2022? 

Yo Gotti’s net worth is around $16 million. 

● When did Yo Gotti start making rap songs? 

When Yo Gotti was 14, he teamed up with DJ Sound and his team and debuted his first single in a mixtape, ‘Youngsta’s On A Come Up.’

● Is Yo Gotti married? 

He was married to Lakeisha Mims, but they got divorced after many years of marriage.

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