Zine and Small Press Archive

I have become increasingly convinced that our experiences of womanhood are shaped by historical-consciousnesses so paltry they verge on nonexistent, and that ignorance impedes our ability to think complexly about our present historical conditions. I am also sure that older women have been making this criticism of younger women for innumerable generations, and think we should try our best, anyway.

This sporadically updated archive is a humble attempt to enrich our understandings of women's history by digitizing and freely distributing yesterday's print. Archival resources are notoriously difficult to access, and purchasing printed matter is a luxury. This collection is a collaboration with publishers who are kind enough to allow us to reproduce their work, and under copyright law, material should not be redistributed for anything but private use without the express permission of its creators. If you create printed matter that you would like added to the archive, please shoot me an email at sophia@mythosmag.com.