DIY Doula: Self-Care Before, During, and After Your Abortion

The Doula Project is changing the culture and conversation around information and choice: everyone should be trusted to make the decisions right for their body or pregnancy.

That’s why we created DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion, a ‘zine all about self-care and agency – two things we all need. Our goal for this 48-page Zine is to be “long-distance doulas” to our readers who might not have access to a doula in their communities. While we may not be able to hold their hands during their procedures, through comics, drawings, personal essays, games and more we’re tackling some of the tough questions, affirming that people can trust their decisions, modeling how to ask for support, and giving tips on self-advocacy. The Zine also acts as a huge, diverse toolbox that gives some more practical advice and answers FAQs that we often find ourselves addressing in clinics. 

Below is a short excerpt from the full zine, which can be purchased and viewed at Please consider donating to the Doula Project, which can be done at this address.


The Doula Project. DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion (2016): 6-8.

This zine is free to view and download here. Wholesale orders for clinics and organizations are available by contacting Buy one for yourself, or donate a copy to someone having an abortion, at