Val Kilmer’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, and Revenue

Val Kilmer, during the 90s, was one of the most famous actors everybody knows, and while Val was at the top of his career, Val earned a good fortune. But with time Kilmer’s reputation started deteriorating because he was hard to work with, and soon his life started producing downwards.

People should always understand and accept the matters before it’s too late because once things like your career or personal life start growing downwards, it gets tough to pull them back. So, let’s find out how much Val Kilmer used to earn, about his career, and more exciting information about his personal life. 

Val Kilmer’s key facts 

● Val Kilmer earned around $7 million from his role in “Batman”. 

● Currently, his monthly income is around $300,000 

● Val Kilmer’s yearly income is more than $3 million.

Real name Val Edward Kilmer
Celebrated Name Val Kilmer
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Date of birth December 31, 1959
Age 62 yrs
Height 6 ft
Weight 80 kg
Hair Light brown Eye color Blue Parents Eugene Dorris Kilmer(Father), Gladys née Ekstadt Swanette (mother) Siblings 2; Lt.Wesley Kilmer (Younger Brother) and Mark Kilmer (Older Brother) Religion Christian Science Nationality American Zodiac Capricorn
Marital status Divorced
Wife none
Ex-Wife Joanne Whalley
Kids 2; Mercedes Kilmer( daughter) and Jack Kilmer (son)

Val Edward Kilmer took birth in Los Angeles, California, on December 31, 1959. Val Kilmer’s father, Eugene Dorris Kilmer, was an aerospace equipment distributor, and his mother, Gladys Swanette, was a real estate developer of Swedish descent. Val is the second of three sons, but in 1977 his younger brother Wesley died of epilepsy. 

Val grew up in a comfortable environment, but when he was only nine, his parents got Divorced, and Val went to live with his father and his brother, Mark and Wesley.

Val went to Chatsworth High school, and later at 16, he got into Juilliard School in the Drama division. At that time, Val was the youngest person to get admitted to that school. Even though he didn’t like the experience there, it benefited Val’s career. And soon, he started taking part in various theatre acts. And that is how Val Kilmer’s career began. 

Val Kilmer’s career 

Val Kilmer was very much into the theatre; Val Kilmer’s first off-stage acting role was from an episode of ABC After-school Special named One Too Many. But then he got a role in a comedy spy movie Top Secret, which was a big career turn. Then a few years later, Val acted in the film Top Gun alongside Tom Cruise, for which he is still known. That movie grossed around $345 million worldwide. 

After that, he acted and starred in various other films such as The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Hamlet, Kill Me Again, etc. In 1990 Val Kilmer worked in the film The Doors, produced by Oliver Stone, and the movie was based on the American rock band The Doors. Then he also starred in movies like Thunderheart, True Romance, Wing of Courage, etc., and all those movies were great hits. 

Then in 1993, the director of Batman Forever, Joel Schumacher, wanted to cast Val for the role of Batman. Then 1995, the movie was released, and it was a box office hit. But after that movie, there were conflicts about whether a Kilmer was best for the role of Batman or not. Hence in 1996, Kilmer decided to drop the role of Batman for the next movie, Batman and Robin. 

After that, he starred in various other movies, such as Dead Girl, The Ghost And The Darkness, and The Saint. The audience praised the film ‘The Saint,’ which grossed around $170 million worldwide. Then we see him in other prominent roles such as in Joe The King, Red Planet, Wonderland, The Missing, Mindhunters etc. 

As he focused on this film career for many years, he thought of taking a break from films and giving some time to theatre acting. Then in 2005, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang got released, where he co-starred with Robert Downey Jr. After that, various other hits like Deja Vu, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, The Travelers, Twixt, The Fourth Dimensions, etc. He even starred in a few TV series and worked as a voice-over artist in some films. 

Then before retiring from his acting career, he appeared in a few films like Song to Song, The Snowman, Top Gun: Maverick, and Paydirt. 

Val Kilmer’s other income 

Val is not only a good actor, but he is also a brilliant poet as well. In 1983, she self-published a set of her own poem, titled My Edens After Burns; currently, the book is expensive and rare to buy.

Val Kilmer’s personal life 

Val Kilmer was married to actress Joanne Whalley in 1988, but after eight years of marriage, they decided to get divorced in 1996. Val and Joanne have two children, daughter Mercedes Kilmer born in 1991, and son Jack Kilmer born in 1995. 

Val Kilmer used to date various women or at least get involved with them. It is mentioned that Val Kilmer dated Cher, Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Ellen Barkin, and Daryl Hannah. 

First, in 2017 the news came out. In 2015, Val Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer, which he tried to hide from the media. And then, after four years of chemotherapy and Surgery in 2020, Val Kilmer declared that he was totally cancer free. 

Val Kilmer’s net worth 

Val Kilmer’s net worth is more or less around $20 million. 

Name Val Kilmer
Profession Actor
Net worth (2022) $20 million
Assets and investments $12 million
Cars owned 1+
Properties 1+

Val Kilmer’s net worth summary 

Val Kilmer’s assets 

Val Kilmer has a different taste than ordinary people; he loves classy and vintage. And not only that, he generally gets connected with his houses and vehicles. So let’s find out more about Val Kilmer’s living space. 

In 1991, Val Kilmer bought a 27-acre property in New Mexico. While Val purchased the house, it had nothing, only a poorly designed and constructed house. Then Val Kilmer decided to create the home all by himself and developed a 6,000 sq. ft residence, almost double the size of before. After some significant renovation, the house was changed magnificently. The interior was designed in a tribal set-up, with a vast living room, designer bedrooms, the main suite with

woodwork, and many other things. Outside the house, his property had a forest vibe. It also had a horse stable, tennis court, a garden, etc. But in 2009, he decided to move out of this house, and in 2011, the house sold the 13 acres of his estate for $18.5 million. 

Val Kilmer’s cars 

We don’t have accurate information about what car Val Kilmer owns, but as much we know, Kilmer has a great choice of vehicles. He used to be a proud owner of a ’68 Pontiac GTO Convertible, but he sold that car out in an auction. 

Val Kilmer’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 1998 $50 million
Net worth in 2004 was $65 million
Net worth in 2010 was $70 million
Net worth in 2016 was $50 million
Net worth in 2022 $20 million


Every Val Kilmer fan knows how he fights cancer and beats it. People often lose hope of overcoming any problem or illness when they get older. They behave like this is how things should be; the example of Val Kilmer is something that can prove everyone wrong; with faith, courage, and patience, anyone can beat anything, even cancer. So never lose hope; you should enjoy every moment of your life; always remember that. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is Val Kilmer’s net worth?

Val Kilmer’s net worth in 2022 is around $20 million. 

How does Val Kilmer lose most of his fortune? 

Kilmer was one of the highest-paid actors during his time, but after his divorce, from his wife Joanne Whalley and throat cancer, he lost a considerable bulk of his money. Even though Val spent more dollars on AI technology for his voice, his acting career is not the same as before. 

Is Val Kilmer diagnosed with cancer?

In 2015, Val Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer; the news came out in 2017. Then in 2022, it was declared that Val Kilmer was free of cancer, but he lost his voice because of the surgeries.

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