Tobey Maguire Net Worth In 2022, Bibliography, Asserts, Salary, Cars, And Revenue 

Tobias Vincent Maguire, known as Tobey Maguire, is a well-known name in Hollywood. Tobey was born in Santa Monica, California. From here, he started his acting career, and now he is a successful actor whose current net worth is 100 million dollars. 

Tobey Maguire is America’s one of the most highly-paid actors. Tobey is mainly known for his role in Spiderman movies. Maguire performed exceptionally well in all three films and justified the position throughout the series. 

Tobey is an American actor and producer; he has worked in several movies and has done some exceptional blockbuster movies throughout his career. In this article, we shall discuss his personal life, career, Income, current net worth, and much more exciting stuff. If you want to know more, stay tuned until this article’s end. 

Critical Factors about Tobey Maguire 

● Tobey Maguire is an iconic American actor. 

● He is most commonly known for his role in the Spiderman series. 

● His first Spiderman movie was a blockbuster movie. 

● The Spiderman movie gave him the most significant break in his career. 

● He was born in Santa Monica, California. 

● He is a school dropout. 

● Tobey left school to pursue his passion for acting. 

● During the initial days of his career, he went on a pact with Leonardo DiCaprio, and both helped each other find work in the industry. 

● He earned $ 4 million playing the role of Spiderman in 2002. 

● In 2017, he acted as a voice-over artist for a movie called boss baby. 

● According to the latest reports, his net worth is 100 million. Tobey Maguire’s Early life/ Bibliography.

Real Name Tobias Vincent Maguire
Celebrated Name Tobey Maguire
Birth Place Santa Monica, California
Date Of Birth June 27th, 1975
Age 47 years
Height 1.73cm Weight 73 kg Hair Colour Black Parents father Vicent Maguire and mother, Wendy Brown
Siblings N/A
Religion N/A
Nationality America
Zodiac Sign N/A
Marital Status Divorced
Kids 2

Born on June 27th, 1975, Tobias Vincent Maguire, better known as Tobey, is an American actor and a successful producer. He was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. His father, Vicent Maguire, and his mother, Wendy Brown, married at a very tender age. He was the only child of his family; hence Tobey was introduced with much love and affection. 

After a few years of their marriage, Wendy gave birth to Tobey. Growing p Tobey saw his mother being closely associated with the film industry, which made him develop an interest in this field. 

While growing up, Tobey had working parents. His father was a chef in a restaurant, while his mother worked as a screenwriter. His mother supported him in pursuing his career in the acting industry. She wrote numerous scripts for various movies and TV shows in Hollywood. 

When Tobey was in class six, the kid expressed his desire to get enrolled in a drama class. The fee for the course was 100 dollars. It was the mother who arranged for the money so that he could take the classes. She wanted her son to follow his true calling and carve a path towards his destiny. 

Eventually, the money invested in his drama class finally paid off as Tobey decided to drop out of school and pursue his career in the film industry. Even after leaving his education behind, he has successfully established himself in the industry. His love for his passion has helped him reach so far today. 

Tobey Maguire’s Career and Rewards 

Tobey entered the acting industry when he was just a 14-year-old kid. He appeared in front of the screen in1989 in a film called The Wizard. In this movie, he portrayed the role of a minor who had difficulties speaking. 

After his first debut, he gained immense popularity because of his young age and boyish appearance; he was offered many roles. His boyish role landed him in a variety of television commercials and different programs. 

Soon after his big break, Tobey was offered a role in the film The Boy’s Life. In this film, he got to co-star with Leonardo Di Caprio. After this movie, he also got featured in various shows like Texas Ranger, Roseanne, and Walker. Tobey was also cast in the FOX TV series called Great Scott. He also appeared in the series called short-lived. 

Leonardo Di Caprio has an indispensable role in Tobey’s career. Both of these guys became good friends during the initial days of their acting careers. Both of them helped each other to get

cast in various projects. With each other’s partnership, these talented actors could land good projects. 

Tobey was recognized from all over the world for his role in the movie. The actor gained massive popularity overnight and became a youth sensation. But the Spiderman series remains the biggest hit of his career. 

In the Spiderman movie, he was cast as the lead, and the entire movie story revolved around him. It was perhaps the highest–grossing movie in box-office history. The film broke all the box office collection records and set new records at the box office. It also made Tobey a superstar overnight. 

He continued to enjoy his stardom until the mid-90s. In 1997 he got his hands on a big project known as The Ice Storm; it was directed by none other than Ang Lee. After he completed this project, he already got offers for Wonder Boys, Pleasantville, and The Cider House Rule. 

Tobey Maguire’s Personal Life 

In 2003 Tobey met his wife, Jennifer Meyer. She was a jewelry designer, and both of them found each other on the sets of Seabiscuit. Soon they got into a relationship and started dating each other. After dating for quite some time, the couple finally got married. 

After being married for almost a decade, the couple broke up and decided to call their wedding in 2017. After their marriage, the couple gave birth to two children. The firstborn was a baby girl, and the second one was a male child.

Another surprising fact about Tobey is that he has been a vegetarian throughout his entire life. The actor had gained and lost pounds to fit into the role. According to him, you must care how you look to be in the show business.

In 2004 Tobey started developing an attraction toward poker, and soon, he started playing professionally. He started participating in various tournaments, championships, and competitions as well. After his discovery, Tobey began to play for higher stakes. He even participated in the World Series Of Poker Championship. 

Tobey Maguire’s Net Worth

Name Tobey Maguire
Profession Actor, Producer
Net Worth $100 million
Monthly Income $1 million+
Yearly Income $8 million

Properties and Assets Owned 

Cars Owned

Tobey Maguire’s Net Worth Summary 

The primary source of his Income mostly comes from his acting job. While he was at the peak of his career, he made a lump sum of money. The Spiderman series helped double his wealth overnight. The Spiderman series was a jackpot for him. 

In 2004 he made $ 4 million from the Spiderman movie. Eventually, his Income reached $17.5 million after the film made $403.7 million worldwide. He also made a fortune by working on a TV show called Seabiscuit. He made $12.5 Million from this show.

Besides being an actor and a producer, he also makes a good amount of money from working with various brands. He is seen promoting something so the other now and then. A significant portion of his annual revenue comes from working with multiple brands. 

He has spent an enormous amount of his Income on real estate. As per the records, he bought a 3,526 square-foot mansion in Los Angeles, which is situated in the Brentwood neighborhood. But in 2018, he had to sell a small portion of his Santa Monica property. 

During the pandemic season, he listed his home in West Hollywood, California, for $4.2 million. He was lucky to purchase this property for $3.4 million just two years ago. Besides real estate, he also maintains a fair, decent range of cars.

Tobey Maguire’s Net Growth 

Net Worth in 2022 $100 million
Net Worth in 2021 $92 million
Net Worth in 2020 $84 million
Net Worth in 2019 $75 million
Net Worth in 2018 $68 million


The Amazing Spiderman is no less than a superhero in his real life. Tobey got his big break at a very tender age. He singles handily constructed his entire acting career and is now a successful personality in the industry. Despite all this, he kept himself grounded. 

Tobey is indeed a man with pure intentions, his dedication to his work has helped him reach the peak of his career today. He worked day and night restlessly to come so far. He enjoys playing poker other than being an actor. As a human being, he is inspiring and believes in helping others. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the Current Net Worth of Tobey Maguire in 2022? 

A- The current net worth of Tobey Maguire is $100 million. 

Q2. How many relationships did he have in the past? 

A- He was only involved in one relationship.

Q3. How much does Tobey Maguire Earn in a year? A- He earns somewhere around $8 million. 

Q4. What is the height of Tobey Maguire? A- His height is 1.7 cm. Q5. How much does Tobey Maguire Weights? A- Tobey’s weight is 73 kg.

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