Tarek El Moussa’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, And Revenue

Today we talk about a man who is a real estate investor and a television personality, hosting HGTV’s famous show called ‘Flip or Flop’ alongside his ex-wife, Christina Haack; the name of this man is Tarek El Moussa. 

In 2008, when the world had gone through an economic crisis, Tarek el and his ex-wife Christina Haack started doing the HGTV show flip or flop instead of their real estate business. This show brought them huge success. 

Tarek El Moussa’s key facts 

● Last year, Tarek El Moussa’s Net worth was $54 million 

● His Monthly income is around $520, 000 

● Tarek’s annual Salary is approx $200, 000

Real name Tarek El Moussa
Celebrated Name Tarek El Moussa
Birthplace August 21, 1981
Date of birth Long Beach, Southern California
Age 41 yrs
Height 1.87m
Weight 68 kg
Education Graduate from Sunny Hill High School Hair Brown Eye color Green Parents Dominique El Moussa (Mother) and Robert Carroll (Father)
Siblings Anjelique Religion Lebanese catholic Nationality Armenian
Zodiac Leo
Marital status Married
Wife Heather Rae El Moussa
Ex-Wife Christina Hall
Kids 2; Taylor El Moussa( daughter) and Brayden El Moussa (Son)

Tarek El Moussa was taken birth on August 21, 1981, in Long Beach, southern California, but spent his childhood and raised in Buena park, California. Tarek’s father was Labonese Catholic who migrated to Egypt, and his mother, Dominique El Moussa, is a Belgian.

His parents were separated when he was a child; Tarek doesn’t want to reveal anything about his biological father, and his mother remarried Robert Carroll. Tarek El Moussa completed his graduation from Sunny Hill High School. He got his real estate license at the age of 21.

His first wife is Christina Haack, who met him while working in a real estate office; the relationship began and ended when they got married in 2009. they have two beautiful kids, Taylor Reese and Brayden James. But the married life of Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack didn’t go well, and they separated in 2018. 

Tarek started dating with an actress and real estate agent named “heather Rae Young” In 20019, the couple met through a familiar friend. Tarek and Heather got married on October 23,2021at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel at Montecito; their wedding was the subject of the Discovery+spacial “Tarek and heard her” The Big I Do. The Moussa couple announced they expect a baby on July 24, 2022. 

Tarek’s cancer survival story 

During the flip or flop show on HGTV in 2013, one or a few viewers from the million viewers suddenly noticed a lump in Tarek’s throat and contacted the show producer to suggest Tarek consult a doctor.

A registered nurse named Ryan Reade, one of a viewer of the flip flop show caught a lump on Tarek’s throat. Tarek thought it was just a fatty mass but received the notification from Ryan Reade that they took the matter seriously and did the right things to demolish the wrong. 

After consulting the doctor, the Biopsy report said there was a lump that indicates a thyroid cancer stage-2. Interestingly, thyroid cancer often doesn’t cause any trouble to the patient; it looks like just a regular lump on the neck, and the blood will usually work so that patient feels free, passing by the time it has grown into cancer. Within a month of the biopsy, Tarek had operated his thyroid and lymph nodes removed and started iodine radiation treatment. 

Tarek and Christina had to continue their work during this period so that any depression couldn’t come his way. He said he has to run the business and fight cancer this way. Tarek was also given an oral synthetic medication he would take for life. Then he went into remission. Overcome all the health issues, the couple announced their Split relationship after a secret separation. But they said that they work together and run the business. 

Tarek El Moussa’s career 

Tarek El Moussa got his real estate license in 2002 when he was just 21. He and his wife Christina ran the business very well, but during the economic crisis period of 2008, the couple struggled a lot. They gave up they’re $6000/per month home and shifted to the $700/per month home.

This time they began a new strategy for their business, flipping the house. In this way, the real estate business people bought an old house in the auction and renovated and resold it for profit. During their first venture to renovation Technic, they shot all the matter and submitted it as an audition to HGTV, which follows the process of a flipping house. They liked the audition and

aired as episode by episode, this show has gone popular day by day, and it’s crossed ten seasons. Season 10 premiered on December 10, 2021, on HGTV. 

After the divorce, Tarek and Christina continue the flip or flop show for the audience because they have gotten tremendous support from the beginning of this show. Moussa launched a new show on HGTV named “Fliping 101with Tarek El Moussa in 2020. Moussa was the mentor of many novice house flippers in this show. 

Tarek El Moussa’s other income 

Moussa filmography 

There are many shows Moussa did on HGTV; some were as hosts, some as co-hosts, and some as judges. The biggest hit is ” Flip or Flop,” which runs from 2013 to 2022. Brother vs. brother 2013-2014, Flip or Flop Follow-up in 2015, Entertainment Tonight from 2017 to 2022, 

Rock The Block in 2019-2021, Face The truth in 2019, Flipping101 With Tarek El Moussa from 2020 to the present. Tarek and Heather: The Big I Do in 2021, Tarek flip side in 2021. 

Tarek El Moussa’s net worth 

Tarek El Moussa’s net worth in 2022 is $60 million US Dollars, 

Name Tarek El Moussa
Profession Real estate investor and tv show host
Net worth (2022) $60 million
Assets and investments $20 million
Cars owned 1+
Properties 2+

Tarek El Moussa’s net worth summary 

Tarek El Moussa’s assets 

Tarek is a hard-working man with enough money to buy anything he wants. He earned $20.000 million US dollars s per episode with an additional real estate income. In his early year, Tarek and Christina got $10,000 per episode total, which worked out to $130,000 for the season. By

season three, their earnings increased by $40,000 capacity, which meant $20.000 each, and then they paid grown with the popularity of episodes, 60,000 per person. Recently Tarek and his newly married wife Heather Rae Young bought a place worth $3,125 million in Newport Beach. The three thousand square feet two-story home Renovetete, top to bottom, sits on Balboa Peninsula. Tarek has a personal ‘yacht’ bought in 2017. 

Tarek El Moussa’s cars 

Tarek El Moussa always loved driving, and he got his driving license when he turned 16; he has owned many cars like Mercedes Benz AMG GT worth $790,000. He also has Jaguar I-pace costs $ 150,000USD.

He also has Lamborghini Gallardo, Jeep Wrangler, a 2004 Cadillac Escalade, and Bentley Continental GT.His first car was Toyota T100 truck when he was in high school, and his parents bought this car for him; Tarek sold this car at 19 when he started to enter real estate. 

Tarek El Moussa’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 was $28 million
Net worth in 2019 was $40 million
Net worth in 2020 was $49 million
Net worth in 2021 was $54 million
Net worth in 2022 was $60 million


Tarek El Moussa is a famous American real estate investor and a famous television personality who buys an old house at auction and resells it after renovation. Daily, his business went higher, and he became a successful Entrepreneur. Also, he is famous for his best-known show “Flip Or flop,” Where he co-hosted the show With his ex-wife, Christina Haack. The show was successful in its run for almost ten years. 

Nowadays, he is growing to achieve the top of his goal and doing many more shows and inspiring all the newcomers to the real estate business as a mentor. 

Frequently asked questions 

● Tarek El Moussa’s Net worth? 

Tarek El Moussa’s Net worth is approx $60,000.

How much does Tarek El Moussa earn from HGTV? 

Tarek El Moussa earned $200,000 from HGTV. 

● Does Tarek have a yacht? 

Yes, he owns a yacht. 

● Where does Tarek El Moussa live now? 

Currently, the residential area of Tarek El Moussa is in Newport Beach, California. 

● What disease does Tarek El Moussa have? 

Tarek El Moussa had thyroid cancer, but he removed his thyroid cancer and lymph nodes.

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