Soulja Boy Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assert, Salary, Cars, And Revenue

Soulja Boy Net Worth 2022- Biography, Assert, Salary, Cars, and Revenue. “Words are powerful. When I make mistakes, I try to come back and clarify what I mean.- Soulja Boy. this man is all about his words.

And maybe this is why people from all over the world find his words touching their souls. His success effortlessly showcases how popular he is among the youth. 

Soulja Boy, aka DeAndre Cortez Way, is popular in the rapping community. He is one of America’s top rappers. But the most crucial factor is that he did not gain popularity overnight; his love for music and hard work fetched him all the to the top.

Let’s dig deeper and find out who this Soulja Boy is. This article will showcase the biography, education, career, achievements, and growth.

Critical Factors About Soulja Boy 

1. According to the latest reports, the net worth of Soulja boy is $35 million. 2. He won the BET Hip-Hop Awards in 2007. 

3. Soulja Boy made his first debut in 2007 with the song “Crank that.” 4. The universe musical group signed him in 2014. 

5. His unique rapping style made him stand out from the crowd. His style is popularly known as the rudimentary rapping style. 

Soulja Boy Early Life/Early Life 

Real Name 

DeAndre Cortez Way 

Celebrated Name 

Soulja Boy 

Birth Place 

Chicago, IL, USA 

Date Of Birth 

28 July 1990 


31 years


5’7 inches 


65 kg 

Hair Colour 



Father-Tracy Way, Mother- Lisa Way 



Eye Colour 






Marital Status 

In a Relationship 



DeAndre Cortez Way or better known as Soulja boy, is an American rapper. He is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur at the same time. He was born in Chicago in the year

1990. Until the age of six, Way lived with his family in Illinois. But his family decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, when he slowly started developing an interest in rap music. 

The wonder kid moved to Batesville, Mississippi, along with his father to pursue his passion for rap music. He started recording his rap music at a tender age. He began recording in the studio for the very first time when he was 14 years old. His father supported him throughout this journey. He kept him motivated throughout this journey. 

Soulja was a very hardworking kid since childhood, and he was very devoted to his art. So it did not take long for the audience to discover his talent. To encourage Way, his father constructed a studio setup of their own to support his son in his musical journey. 

Slowly and steadily, his popularity started growing, and soon, he was discovered on YouTube and MySpace. It was in the year 2005 when he began uploading his rap songs on Over there, he received many positive responses from the audience, which convinced him to pursue his career in the music industry. 

His life changed in 2007 when he released his first ever independent album. As per the records, by the end of May 2007 ‘Crack That” became the most played song. He also directed the short video with a limited budget to go with his music; the video was mainly focused on his “Crack That Dance.”

By the end of September that same year, Souljo’s song made it into the Billboard Hot 100, and it could hold its position for several weeks without any competition in the market. 

Soulja Boy’s Career & Awards 

As far as his career is concerned, Boy did receive several rewards throughout his rapping career. But he always retained his equine identity. He was not the person who would show up at the Grammys with a formal outfit on. 

Most singers and big names from the entertainment industry were related to big labels. He, on the other hand, refrained from getting himself involved. He stated that you don’t need a big name to record your voice to make it big in the market. All you need is pure dedication to your art. 

Even though the audience loved his music worldwide, his music was criticized several times. The song “CrackThat” made a massive impact on the music industry. It was one of the most loved songs that made a groundbreaking record. The song was among the 

top 100 most played songs. This song got nominated for the best rap song in the Grammy. 

Soulja Boy’s Personal Life

Unfortunately, there is not much exciting stuff about Boy’s personal life that could help us understand how his life was before and after becoming a sensational rapper. But our youth sensation refrains from sharing much about his personal life. Neither do we know much about his childhood, nor do we get to know how his teenage days were. 

Other than a few controversies, not much is known to the public about Soulja boy. Among the various arguments he involved himself, some mentionable is the 2008 controversy.

This year he published a mix tape for which he faced criticism. His work got criticized, saying that he has made garbage, killing hip-hop lovers worldwide even though Kaney West tried to defend him from serious defamation. 

Another incident occurred in the same year in December; it was the holiday season when this unpleasant incident occurred. As per the reports, he was robbed and beaten mercilessly. Coincidentally, after the incident, a video came up where two men claimed all the responsibility behind the secret attack. 

Soulja Boy’s Net Worth 


Soulja Boy 


Rapper, Record Producer 

Net Worth 

$35 million (2022) 

Monthly income 


Annual income 

$3 million 

Cars owned 

More than 5

Properties owned 

Soulja Boy’s Net Worth Summary 

He earns around $2,50,000 per month and around $3 million+ every year. It clearly states how wealthy this man is. No wonder he likes to maintain a wealthy lifestyle too. Since he earns millions yearly, his net worth is growing every year. 

He currently owns many properties throughout America and Los Angeles. Now Soulja lives in Los Angeles, where he has a massive house; as per the records, Soulja boy owns a wide range of fancy cars, making him a pure class man. The lists stretch from Porsche to Audi, Aston to Martin, and many more. There are many more cars as well. 

Soulja Boy’s Net Growth 

Net Worth In 2022 

$35 Million 

Net Worth In 2021 

$32 Million 

Net Worth In 2020 

#29 Million 

Net Worth In 2019 

$26 Million 

Net Worth In 2018 

$23 Million 

Net Worth In 2017 

$21 Million 

Because of his immense popularity among the youth, he soon became an influential figure among the young generation. He emerged as a brand ambassador and soon began working in fashion, acting, and product promotion. Besides being a record producer, he also started working with various brands.

His music career started in the year2007, and till now, Soulja has touched a million hearts with his voice. Even though he went through several ups and downs, he kept his head high and made it through the highs and lows of his career. He proved that consistency accompanied by hard work would take a long way. 


Soulja Boy has made it in his life, but reaching the tip of the iceberg and leaving everyone behind was not an easy task for him. But he proved himself. Anyone with such pure love and commitment can make his passion into a profession. Thus his enormous success and popularity are the result of his serious dedication. 

Soulja became very popular at a very young age and made his first debut in 2007. His out-of-the-box style made him immensely popular during his initial days. Over a short period, he gained immense popularity among his fans. He even got selected for Grammy awards. And now, he has become a rapping sensation throughout the world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who is dating Soulja boy right now? 

A- Among the vast number of females following Soulja Boy is dating Nila Riley. 1. What is the current net worth of Soulja boy? 

A- As per the latest report published by the celebrity net worth, Soulja boy’s current net worth is $35 million. 

1. What is the primary source of revenue income for Soulja boy? 

2. His primary income comes from producing rap songs; other than that. He also does brand endorsement, commercials, paid partnerships, and making records. He earns a good amount of money from ringtone downloads as well.

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