Rich Paul’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, and Revenue

Rich Paul is the famous NCB basketball agent who changed the lives of many talented players for good. Twenty years back, when Rich Paul started his journey, he had nothing, and now he made himself stable and successful enough to be proud of himself.

And with Paul’s success, there are millions of dollars involved, and in this article, we’ll know how Rich Paul spent his million dollars and became famous, so keep reading. 

Rich Paul’s key facts 

● In 2019, Rich Paul earned around $70 million from ‘All-Star’ NBA players. ● Rich Paul’s yearly income is $10 million+ 

● His monthly income is $1 million.

Real name Rich Paul
Celebrated Name Rich Paul
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, US
Date of birth December 16, 1981
Age 40 years
Height 6ft 1inch
Weight 74 kg
Hair Balck
Eye color Dark brown Parents Rich Paul Sr. (Father) Minerva “Peaches” Martin(mother)
Siblings Yes Religion Christianity
Nationality American Zodiac Sagittarius Marital status In a relationship
Girlfriend Adele
Ex-Wife None
Kids None

Rich Paul was born in 1981, December 16, in Cleveland, Ohio, US. Rich Paul’s father, Rich Paul Senior, his mother, Minerva “Peaches” Martin, and Rich’s two siblings used to live in a one-bedroom apartment on the top floor of his father’s store R&J Confectionery. His parents used to work there every day. 

Even though they were short on money, Rich’s father enrolled him in Benedictine High school, a private Roman Catholic high school.

While growing up, Rich’s father was hard on him and his siblings, but in an interview, Rich Paul admits that his father always wanted the best for his children and prepared them to fight any bad situation. And his mother was very supportive and understanding. In 1999 Paul’s father died due to cancer. And soon, his mother becomes an alcoholic, but she fights her way back to being sober. 

Rich Paul used to live in wasn’t a good area where drugs, gun violence, etc., were everyday things. Despite all the problematic situations, Rich always kept his father’s words in mind and started his journey to reach a higher accomplishment. 

After graduating from high school, Rich Paul started selling vintage-designed jerseys. He started making a lot of money selling those Jerseys from his car trunk. The kids from his neighborhood started idolizing Rich Paul and wanted to build a career for themselves instead of selling drugs, inspiring Paul to work harder. 

Then one day, the 21-year-old Rich Paul went to Akron Airport and was waiting for his flight to Atlanta wearing a blue Warren Moon with matching blue sneakers. Waiting for the same flight, LeBron James, a well-known High School basketball player, asked him about the jersey and soon became a good friend. And from that day, the minor incident changed Rich Paul’s life. 

Rich Paul’s career & awards 

Rich Paul used to sell jerseys in Atlanta to Cleveland for matches. In 2002 Rich met with LeBron James while selling the jersey. Then In 2003, there was an NBA draft at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York. In that, 41 college and high school students and 31 record international players signed as early entry candidates. 

After the NBC draft, Paul joined ‘Inner Circle’ and started working with James and his childhood friends Randy Mims and Maverick Carter. Later, Paul began to work under Lean Rose, an established sports agent. 

In 2012, Paul and James decided to work separately from Rose and made their own Agency, Klutch Sports Group. And very soon, the agency gained so much popularity in the NBC management industry. And even though LeBron James was his first biggest client with time from his agency, various famous names came out of it, such as Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, etc. 

At the time when James became a part of Rich Paul’s agency, many players, people from management, and the audience were skeptical about his ability to run an agency. And after

proving himself when Rich, along with James, managed to join the Lakers. After that, their lives changed for good. 

In 2013, Rich Paul hired Mark Termini. In 2019, Paul’s agency Klutch Sports Group brokered a $1 billion contract through a roster of 25 clients. 

In 2019, Rich Paul updated a rule for the National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA) agents. He mentioned that if any sports agent wants to represent a college athlete and desires to approach the NBA draft, they need a minimum qualification of a college degree and three years of certification from the NBPA.

But that agreement didn’t last long as Paul himself didn’t have any college degree, and it’s difficult for everyone to have the money to get a college degree. So the NCAA rescinded the rule. 

In 2020, Paul accepted the position of Board of Directors in United Talent Agency. In the same year, he launched ‘Klutch Conversations’ to allow young people to gain financial literacy. And in 2021, Rich Paul was sued by Nerlens Noel for breaking the contract. 

Rich Paul is working on a book ‘Lucky Me’ published by Rock Lit 101. Rich Paul’s personal life 

Rich Paul started dating the renowned singer Adele in 2021. They had known each other since 2015, but after several years at the beginning of 2021, they started dating each other. 

From the meeting in the airport in 2002 to now, Rich Paul has had a great friendship with LeBron James. 

Rich Paul’s net worth 

Currently, in 2022 Rich Paul’s net worth is around $130 million, totally earned from his career as a sports agent.

Name Rich Paul
Profession Sports Agent
Net worth (2022) $130 million
Assets and investments $50 million
Cars owned 3
Properties 1+

Rich Paul’s net worth summary 

Rich Paul’s assets 

Being a great agent, Rich Paul gained a lot of popularity in the basketball industry, but he became more famous worldwide due to his current date Adele. 

Rich Paul recently took a big step with his girlfriend, Adele. In 2022, Rich Paul and Adele bought a $58 million mansion. The mansion is located in Beverly hills. The 18,587 square-foot home includes an eight-bedroom and 12 bathrooms, Sauna, steam room, study, office with terrace, movie theatre, an infinity pool, and many other lavish things.

And to buy this two-story house in Beverly Hills, Rich Paul’s girlfriend, Adele, took a $37.7 million loan. And Rich Paul also has some contributions to buying this mega-mansion. 

Rich Paul used to own a home in Los Angeles. He bought that house in 2007 at around $4.3 million. It had six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, a swimming pool with a waterfall, a barbeque area, and many other things. The whole plot of sites is 7,700 sq. ft, and the mansion is built on nearly 5,600 sq. ft. But Rich Paul sold that house for $4.5 million. 

Rich Paul bought a house for himself in 2019 in Bravery Hill for around $11.7 million. For around half a million less than the original price. The two-story house is based on a 6,300 sq. ft area, it has many exciting features, and the interior is designed with wood and marble.

It has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a formal dining room, fireplace, etc. And outside, it has a swimming pool with Spa, a dining patio, a lawn, a gym room, and other exciting things. But as per the source, he probably sold that house as well. 

Rich Paul’s cars 

Rich Paul worked hard to be successful as he is right now. And to celebrate his success, Rich Paul filled his garage with a few magnificent cars. 

● Rich Paul Owns a Mercedes Benz for which he paid around $102,000

● A Ferrari cost around $276,000 

● A mesmerizing McLaren P1 that is valued at $1 million 

Rich Paul’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 was $90 million
Net worth in 2019 was $100 million
Net worth in 2020 $110 million
Net worth in 2021 $120 million
Net worth in 2022 $130 million


Rich Paul is still working in his field as a sports agent and constantly trying to improve himself. And he is just 40 right now, and he has many plans for his future to work on. 

Frequently asked questions 

● What is the net worth of sports agent Rich Paul? 

In 2022, Rich Paul’s net worth is estimated at around $130 million. 

● Who is Rich Paul’s girlfriend? 

Rich Paul is dating singer and songwriter Adele from 2021. 

● How many followers do Rich Paul and Adele have on Instagram? 

Rich Paul has 461,000, and Adele has 50.7 million followers on Instagram.

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