A native of Los Angeles, California, Nicole was raised in a quintessentially artistic family, the daughter of a television and stage actor and an art director-turned- landscape painter. Surrounded by peers who planned to pursue a career in show business, Nicole always hoped instead for a career somehow combining a love for writing and a deep desire to dismantle harmful perceptions of women, by which she feels she grew up confined.

Occasionally daring to consider herself a writer, Nicole, since moving to Massachusetts, has had the honor of being published in Writer’s Digest and closing the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and other poetry readings alongside the likes of Ron Padgett, Jorie Graham, and Stephen Burt, all of whom can obviously consider themselves writers on a full-time basis.

She is currently in pursuit of an English degree from Yale University and fills her time searching for the best coffee shop, deciding “best” is a relative term, being inspired by both groundbreaking and fragmentary theatre, slowly building collections of artwork and novels, and writing poetry that would make her parents cringe.

You can find her on Instagram and Tumblr.