Monica Lewinsky’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, And Revenue

Monica Lewinsky is a famous personality best known for her relationship with former American president Bill Clinton from 1995 to 1997 when Ms. Lewinsky worked in the White House as an intern. In the present life, Monica Lewinsky is active in several pieces of work as a fashion designer, social activist, television personality, producer, and writer.

Monica Lewinsky’s full name is Monica Camille Lewinsky living in California. She made up a documentary called ’15 minutes of shame’, which is aired on HBO MX. Monica Lewinsky’s ethnicity is Ashkenazi Jewish. 

Today we will know her earlier life, income, popularity, and net worth. 

Monica Lewinsky’s key facts 

● Monica Lewinsky’s net worth was 1.5 million USD 

● Monica Lewinsky’s monthly income is 10,000 USD 

● Yearly, She earns around 300 million USD

Real name Monica Samille Lewinsky
Celebrated Name Monica Lewinsky
Date of Birth 23 July 1973
Place of Birth Sun Francisco, California, U.S
Age 49(2022)
Height 168cm (in feet inches 5’6″)
Weight 72kg
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Leo
Hair Black
Eye color Green
Sibling 1(brother)
Spouse Not known
Kids Not known

Monica Camille Lewinsky, or Monica Lewinsky, was born on July 23 in the year 1973, in San Francisco, California, U.S. She is well known for her scandal with former American president Bill Clinton. Her father, Dr. Barned Lewinsky, is an oncologist and a photographer; he is a son of a German Jewish who escaped from Nazi Germany to El Salvador and finally came to the United States at 14.

Mother Marcia Kay Vikensky used her name as Marcia Lewis, an author who wrote a gossip biography called “The Private Life Of Three Tenors.” Monica Lewinsky has a brother named Michael. 

Monica Lewinsky took her primary education from Jhon Thomas Dye school in Bel Air and attended Beverly Hills High School for three years; after that, she transferred to bel Air Prep to graduate in 1991. later, she attended Santa Monica College in the year 1992. after two years of the degree, Monica Lewinsky completed her psychology graduation from Lewis & Clark college. 

Monica’s parents intentionally kept her brother unfocused in the Lewinsky family to save him from her controversy. Monica Lewinsky’s parents have been side by her for years though Monica Lewinsky’s parents separated in 1988, and they both remarried to another one.

She considers that without family support, she couldn’t survive the time. She feels ashamed of what she did previously and suffered for that, the controversy chasing her for the last decades, and she struggled a lot to overcome this trauma. 

After the Clinton Monica controversy, she became an international celebrity, earning a lot from interviews and her published book, but her personal and professional life had gone miserable. Therefore, she moved to London and completed her master’s degree in social psychology at the London School Of Economics in 2005.

Monica Lewinsky’s affairs 

Monica Lewinsky, at 18, had an affair with a 40 years old married drama instructor named Andy Bleiler when she was going to Beverly Hills High school. Later, she affectionately. Fell into a relationship(which was called by sexual relationship) with former American president Bill Clinton.

He is a politician and attorney and served as the 42nd president of the United States of America when she attended the white house as an unpaid intern; later, she got a paid position and spent a lot of time in the president’s private office. 

Monica Lewinsky’s career 

From 1996 to 1997, Monica Lewinsky had gone through an intimate relationship with the president of America, Bill Clinton; later, it came out with an impactful huge worldwide controversy called Clinton – Lewinsky scandal. Lewinsky joined the white house office of the chief of staff, Leon Panetta as an intern through her family friend; later, after ending her internship, she accepted her paid position in the white house office of legislative affairs. 

During that time, Monica Lewinsky had an intimate relationship with the president in the oval office. She confirmed her relationship with the president to her coworker, Linda Tripp. Later Linda Tripp recorded Lewinsky’s conversations with her about Clinton.

When Lewinsky denied her affair with Clinton, and Clinton lied under oath to not be involved with Lewinsky, that time former Pentagon employee Linda Tripp handed over the tapes to dependent counsel Kenneth Sterr, who was investigating business dealing by Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton with Whitewater.

Sterr was permitted to use the Tripp tapes as evidence that Clinton had committed under oath for denying any relationship with Lewinsky. Clinton and Lewinsky were ashamed, though the former president was not facing Humiliation. Unlike Ms. Lewinsky, Lewinsky took it to make money because she knew she would never get a government job; she earned a lot of deals with several paid interviews throughout the years. 

These years Monica Lewinsky has worked as a social activist against anti-bullying; she is producing Ryan Murphy’s ‘Impeachment’: American crime stories” season :3, aired on September 7, 2021, On Fx.

Monica Lewinsky’s Post scandal life 

Lewinsky’s life after the scandal went difficult; she had hidden for weeks, she had gone through a stressful time, she became a face of Humiliation, and that time she spent with her knitting was giving her mind off from her scandal with Clinton.

Time healed everything; after some time, she became a public figure and was doing a lot of television shows and interviews; she Promoted Jemmy Craig, a weight loss system, and appeared as a host in television programs in 2002.

She was paid 1 million USD for an interview hosted by Barbara Walter “20/20” ON ABC; at that time, the show was viewed by 70 million, which was 2nd most watched television interview just after The Michael Jackson interview hosted by Oprah Winfrey. 

Lewinsky also joined in ” Saturday Night Live” On NBC and “The Tom Green Show” On MTV. The most popular show of Monica Lewinsky was “Monica’s postcard, Jimmy Kimmel Live television show in 2003, and Mr. Personality in 2005 

Monica Lewinsky’s personal life 

Monica Lewinsky is still unmarried; she has no children either; at an earlier age, she fell for two already married men. Her relationship with Clinton gave her a shameful life though she became famous in the wrong way; once, in an airport, someone asked for her autograph to her, and she refused to sign and replied, ‘I am kind of that person who is known for a wrong reason that no to be great to knowing.’Once, she said that she wanted a job, a husband, and children to be treated commonly. 

Monica Lewinsky’s net worth 

Monica Lewinsky’s financial status has been growing at 65%for the last two decades. She earned millions from paid interviews, book publishing, media outlets, and other investment activities. And in the present, Lewinsky’s net worth is $1.5 Million.

Name Monica Lewinsky
Profession Activist, television personality, fashion designer, and used to work as a Government assistant
Net worth (2022) I. 5 million USD
Annual income 300 million USD
Assets and investments 800,000 USD
Cars owned 10+

Properties 6+ 

Monica Lewinsky’s net worth summary 

Monica Lewinsky’s assets 

Monica Lewinsky always wanted to buy a lovely house for herself. Hence she bought a luxurious 13,000-square feet house worth 8 million USD in Sacramento, California. 

Monica Lewinsky’s cars 

She has owned several cars, like a Porsche 911 worth 280,000 USD, a Rolls Royce Ghost for which she paid more than 950,000 USD, a beautiful Range Rover Autobiography price around 210,000 USD, Toyota Vellfire costs 130,000 USD, Lexus Gx for this car she had to pay around 160,000 USD, Audi Q8 cost 155,000 USD, then BMW X9 price 150,00 USD and few other vehicles. 

Monica Lewinsky’s source of earnings 

Monica Lewinsky earned from several paid television interviews and promotions. She was paid 1 million USD or endorsed Jenny Craig’s weight loss system television commercials in 1999;

Monica earned 500,000 USD for her biographical book ‘ Monica’s story ‘by Andrew Morton. Monica Lewinsky sells her collection of handbags online under her name Real Monica inc.

This bag was sold in Fred Segal in California and Hell Bendel in New York, but Lewinsky did not continue her trade of handbags; going too much stress and tired of media, she moved to London in 2005 to take her master’s in psychology. She owns multiple 

Real estate properties in London when she was staying there. Monica Lewinsky has a house In Los London, which costs around 500,000 USD. 

Lewinsky’s vanity fair essay 

Monica Lewinsky also worked as a Vanity Fair contributing editor. After the #mee too movement inflamed in 2018, Lewinsky wrote an essay in vanity fair based on her suffered and disgraceful Life after the scandal, 

Monica Lewinsky’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 was $700,000
Net worth in 2019 was $850,000
Net worth in 2020 $1 million
Net worth in 2021 $1.2 million
Net worth in 2022 $1.5 million


Even though Monica Lewinsky went through a complicated life and faced massive trauma for years, it took time for her to recover. But she didn’t stop and let her scandal define her; she worked hard and made a name for herself to become successful.

Frequently asked questions 

What is Monica Lewinsky’s net worth? 

Monica Lewinsky’s net worth is 1.5 million USD 

How did Monica Lewinsky become famous? 

She became famous because of the scandalous affair with the 42nd president of the USA, Bill Clinton. 

Where did Monica Lewinsky study? 

Monica Lewinsky went to John Thomas Dye school, Pacific High School, Beverly Hills High School, and London School Of Economics. 

Is Monica Lewinsky in a relationship? 

No, She is not in any relationship, and also she is unmarried.

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