Kodak Black’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, And Revenue

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Kodak Black is a young rapper famous for his rap and controversies. Even though he is famous, his constant court visit cost him much of his life. So, in his article, we will learn how Kodak learned and lost most of his money. Also, what’s going on with his life? Then why wait? Let’s get into it. 

Kodak Black’s key facts 

● Kodak Black’s monthly salary is $5000 

● In 2022, His net worth could be $5-6 million if he didn’t involve himself with multiple crimes ● Kodak’s watch collection cost more than a million 

● Kodak’s $600,000 house is under the court’s overview

Real name Dieuson Octave (Bill Kahan Kapri)
Celebrated Name Kodak Black
Birthplace Pompano Beach, Florida, US
Date of birth June 11, 1997
Age 25
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 65 kg
Hair Balck Eye color Dark brown Parents Marcelene Octave( Mother), father unknown Siblings Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality American Zodiac Gemini Marital status Single
Wife None
Ex-Wife None
Kids 2

Dieuson Octave, aka Kodak Black, was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, on June 11, 1997. His parents were Haitian immigrants who moved to the states for a better life. But soon after Kodak was born, his father abandoned them, and his single mother, Marcelene Octave, raised Kodak. They shifted to the Golden Acres public housing project in the exact location. 

Kodak’s childhood wasn’t pl-.*easing; his mother had to put in the /extra effort so that her son wasn’t pushed around for having drugs. And as he grew up seeing poverty and drug addicts, he learned

to protect himself from a very young age, even though he got expelled from school in 5th grade for fighting and poor attendance. 

Kodak Black never liked to study or was interested in that but always tried to improve his English vocabulary by reading books. And by the time Kodak was 12, he was attending C. Robert Markham Elementary School, and he started rapping with some of his cousins. And soon, he became so confident in his field of rapping that he started performing on the school stage and verses with some of his older neighbors. 

He loves to explore the rapping field and goes to the trap house every day after school to record music. Even though he wasn’t interested in street behavior, he soon started spending time with older guys, which badly influenced him. And started selling drugs for extra money. Then, to support his family, Kodak got caught stealing cars in middle school, and when he was 15yrs old, he got caught for a severe crime with a potential life sentence. 

By then, Kodak had dropped a few of his raps on YouTube, and his life inspired his raps. Soon Kodak’s talent was recognized by the right person at the right time. A.D Julian, the CEO of Dollar n’ Dealz entertainment, likes his music so much that with the help of a professional lawyer, it reduced Kodak’s life sentence to 3 years probation. And then, after signing a deal with Dollar n’ Dealz, he started his career as a rapper. 

Kodak Black’s career & awards 

Kodak Black’s career began in 2009 when he was just 12. He was a part of a local web group named The Kolyons. Then, In 2013 Kodak released his first mixtape titled Project Baby. The following year he released another next step of the project, and finally, in 2015, he released Institution. 

Kodak’s career as a rapper wasn’t going that great until the famous Canadian rapper Drake posted a video dancing to Kodak’s rap song. And soon, he gained so much popularity. 

In 2016 in French Montana’s 21st mixtape Kodak Black was featured in a single named ‘Lockjaw.’ In August, while he was in jail, he released another song, ‘Can I.’ Then, in 2017, he released his single Tunnel Vision, which reached the top 10 on the US Billboard hot 100. He

released a few other hits in the same year first one on an album with Painting picture, and the second one was Project baby 2. 

In January 2018, he released a mixtape titled HeartBreak Kodak. Then in December, his second album was Dying to live. 

Then till 2022, Kodak released a few songs and albums because of his in and out of jail. The songs and albums include Zombie, Bill Israel ( 3rd album), Every Balmain, etc. 

Kodak Black’s personal life 

Kodak Balck has two children, his son King Khalid is seven right now, and his daughter Queen Yuri was born in January 2022. 

Kodak Black’s birth name was “Dieuson Octave’, but in 2018 he legally changed that name to ‘Bill Kahan Kapri. ‘ In 2018, he earned a GED while in prison. In 2022 Kodak was shot outside an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. 

Kotak donated $10,000 for children’s education and $5,000 and gifts for the children’s Christmas party. And he has done a few other excellent works. 

Kodak Black’s net worth 

Currently, in 2022 Kodak Black’s net worth is less than $1 million. But if it weren’t because of his legal issues in 2018, today, his net worth would be $6 million.

Name Kodak Black
Profession Professional Rapper, Singing, Songwriting
Net worth (2022) $1 million
Assets and investments $3 million
Cars owned 4
Properties 1

Kodak Black’s net worth summary 

Kodak Black’s assets 

After Kodak became famous In the industry and started eating a handsome fortune, he made a wise decision and bought a mansion. The estate is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The house has a swimming pool, outdoor bar, and extensive garden; in the interior, the house is designed with expensive tiles, a movie room, and many other exciting things. And while purchasing this house, it cost him around $60,000. 

Kodak Black’s cars 

Kodak loves expensive cars, and luxury cars are those that enhance Kodak’s personality. So let’s see what card Kodak Lee owns, 

● The costliest of his list is a Lamborghini Urus; he customized the car color with green and designed the wheel color to yellow. To buy this car, Kodak paid nearly around $200,000. 

● Then he owns a Jeep Wrangler that he customized in Rubicon design. Together the car cost him $100,000 

● 1930 Oldsmobile Cutlass, which generally cost $2000, but after customizing the whole model inside out, it cost him more than $50,000 

● Finally, a Mercedes Maybach GLS600, for which he paid around $160,000. 

Kodak Black owns cars that, in total, cost around $900,000. His net worth would be more than $1 million if he didn’t go to jail and bet on almost everything to get him bail and sign the bonds. 

Kodak Black watches 

And it doesn’t end here. Apart from a lavish mansion, cars, and jewelry, he also has quite a nice collection of watches. 

● He owns a Richard Mille RM011 that, after customization with diamond, cost him around $300,000 

● Patek Philippe Nautilus with diamond and blue stoned it cost approx $250,000 ● Patek Philippe Nautilus with diamond and red stone for which he also paid $250,000 ● Cartier Santos larges cost around $40,000 

● Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph worth around $100,000

● Rolex Day-date 40 with aftermarket diamond $40,000 

And many other watches. 

But summing up all those watches, it is discovered that Kodak Black’s whole watch collection cost around $1.2 million. He probably has all these watches seized after 2018. 

Kodak Black Accessories 

Kodak is obsessed with diamonds; whenever he earns something, it seems like the first thing he does is visit a jewelry shop. And in reality, he spent thousands of dollars on diamond jewelry. 

In most of his appearances in the media, we can see Kodak wearing the 1800 Block, Golden Acres gold chain engraved with diamond. That jewelry alone cost him around $100,000- $250,000, and not only that; he even gifted the same 1800 Block, Golden Acres, to his favorite singer Ed Sheeran. 

Besides that, Kodak has big diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond rings, and diamond chains; even his teeth are designed with diamonds. At first, he used to own gold Grillz, then he changed that to diamond, and there is a Ruby engraved in every tooth. And it may sound extensive, but together, leaving the 1800 blockchain from the list, Kodak owns jewelry that costs more than $300,000. 

Kodak Black’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 was $500,000
Net worth in 2019 was $400,000
Net worth in 2020 $650,000
Net worth in 2021 $750,000
Net worth in 2022 $1 million

Kodak Black’s legal issues

Kodak used to go in and out of prison for minor crimes. Still, in 2015 Kotak got arrested in Pompano beach on the charges of robbery, keeping a child in the activity position of marijuana, and physical assault.

Then, after six months, he was again under custody for possessing a marijuana weapon and trying to escape from officers in Hallandale Beach. The following month he again got arrested and imprisoned. After so many cases in under a year, in August 2016, he was presented in court, where he was punished with one year of house arrest and five years of probation. But for some reason, he never spends much of his time in prison. 

After that, he even served a few charges of criminal sexual conduct in Florence, South Carolina, for which he paid a $100,000 bond, and another one is in Saint Lucie country, Florida, for a position of cannabis for which he spent four months In Jain. 

Kodak got arrested for streaming on Instagram while passing marijuana and a gun to the nearest mall child. In 2018, while he was serving his house arrest and five-year prohibition. Later he was sentenced to 1yr in prison. 

Then, between 2017 and 2022, Kodak got arrested and lost most of his fortune. In 2017 he lost around $1 million for not showing up to multiple concerts and settling this case lawsuit. In 2019, he $40,000 for bailing him from jail ( possession of weapon and marijuana), then for purchasing 

a firearm and presenting a fall statement to the government for this, he got a $500,000 bond where he had to file his $600,000 home. And many other charges for which he is constantly going in and out of prison. 

Apart from his legal issues, he got involved in many controversies, such as having a steamy live stream on Instagram and commenting on a racist post saying that he likes white women more than Black.

Then In 2019, he passed an offensive comment to Late rapper Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend Lauren Landon that he was giving her one year to cry over her late boyfriend before involving her in a sexual relationship with him. 


Kodak Black worked hard, and instead of selling drugs, he chose the path to earn his position in the world. But even though he was given a chance to improve his life, he made many wrong decisions and is still paying the price. He could have achieved a lot in life, but the wrongdoings affected his career considerably. 

But now, as he is out of jail and his daughter has just been born, he is given another chance to lead a peaceful life, so let’s see how it goes.

Frequently asked questions

Is Kodak Black rich? What is his net worth? 

Kodak Black used to be rich, but his net worth is below $1 million due to various circumstances. 

Is Kodak Black in a relationship? 

It is believed that Kodak Black is in a relationship with his real estate agent Maranda Johnson and they are probably engaged. 

Does Kodak Black have any kids? 

Yes, he has two kids, a son named King Kalid and a daughter named Queen Yuri.

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