Kevin Samuels Net Worth In 2022, Bibliography, Assert, Salary, Cars, and Revenue

Kevin Samuels is a lifestyle coach and a social media influencer by profession. He is a renowned personality in America and currently runs several business ventures under his brand name. According to the reports, his current net worth is 5 million dollars. 

Samuels is best known for his expert tries in modern-day love life as a relationship expert who has gained popularity worldwide. Many people have found his guidance extremely valuable. And they thank him for solving their relationship problems. 

His fans immensely love him for the motivational and life-altering videos he posts on his YouTube channel from time-t0-time.he also runs a company that works as a brand ambassador for many companies. So if you want to know more about him, continue reading this article until the end. 

Critical Factors About Kevin Samuels 

● The current net worth of Kevin Samuels is 5 million dollars. 

● He owns a brand and image integration company. 

● He has worked in sales, marketing, and advertising companies. 

● He has a YouTube channel of his own. 

● Samuels is widely known as a love expert among youngsters. 

● He owns a wide range of fancy cars. 

● His brand integration company is based in Atlanta. 

● Samuels also owns a fashion company of his own. 

● Kevin has emerged as a famous media personality over the years. 

Kevin Samuels Early Life/ Bibliography

Real Name Kevin Samuels
Celebrated Name Kevin Samuels
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia
Date Of Birth March 13th,1965,
Height 6′ feet 2″ inches
Weight 65 kgs
Hair Colour Black Parents N/A Siblings N/A
Religion N/A Nationality American
Zodiac Sign N/A
Marital Status Divorced
Kids 1

. It was March 13th,1965, when Kevin Samuel was born. Samuels was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia. While growing up, he developed a knack for fashion and always enjoyed being the most fashionable guy. 

But while growing up, Samuels also saw the darker side of life. His parents got divorced when he was very young. It was challenging for him to deal with such childhood trauma. He did not take it very well. Instead, he learned to keep quiet when it came to personal matters.

Kevin Samuels completed his schooling at MILLWOOD High School and later graduated from the University of Oklahoma. He got himself a degree in Chemical Engineering. Nothing more is known to us about his early life. Kevin Samuels always preferred not to entertain people regarding his past life. 

Kevin Samuels Career and Rewards 

During the initial days of his career, Samuels worked in an Office Depot, and he worked as a development manager. After working for three years in that position. He decided to take his career to the next level. 

He left his previous job and joined a media company. Kevin started working for Supermedia/Idearc Media in the year 2009. In this company, he was given the position of an inside advertising online sales agent. He worked with the company for two years, then in 2011, he quit his job. 

After he left his previous job, Kevin landed himself in The Real Yellow Pages, and it was a media consultant company. In 2013 he founded an image consultancy firm. The firm specializes in offering services like brand integration and image enhancement tutorials. 

The firm in Atlanta also offers services like media and job interview tanning programs. It also gives its clients personal style and statement advice. The company ensures you are all set to succeed in your professional field. 

Since he started working, his job roles have been mostly related to sales, marketing and advertising, so it was always important for him to look presentable in front of his clients. He always cared about his looks. 

According to him, you must learn to dress as per the need of an hour. Hence he founded a company of his own that looked forward to making fashion and grooming short and simple for men. 

After launching his fashion brand, he opened a YouTube channel in 2015. His content mainly comprised fashion, lifestyle, and related stuff. He primarily targeted the age group between 18 to 25 and above that. It did not take much time for him before he became a relationship expert. 

The success in his YouTube career came overnight, his channel got hundreds of subscribers, and his videos gathered thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Youngsters found his content information relatable simultaneously, which may be why people were more drawn toward his content.

Kevin Samuels Personal Life 

Samuels always preferred to keep quiet about his matters. He never really likes talking much about it publically or in an interview. According to the rumors, his parents divorced when he was very young. 

Similarly, there is not much information about his siblings or whether he was the only child in the family. Neither do we know anything about his parents’ lives after they separated. Hence nothing can be assumed or stated about his personal life just like that. 

But this man evolved into a love adviser or guru over the years. He started writing articles about modern-day relationship problems and how to deal with them. Soon people began benefiting from his advice and calling him a love guru. 

Despite being termed a love guru, his life went in the opposite direction. Maybe it is true that the person who gives the best love advice is single in real life. He had to go through failed marriages twice. But never discloses anything about his ex-wives or his failed married life publically. 

After his failed marriages, he has been unable to make any of his relationships work out. He had been in relationships with many women. But none of his girlfriends was able to make their relationship work out. 

As per the media reports, he is often with various women now and then. And his list of girlfriends keeps getting bigger. Maybe now he has also given up and stopped counting. But Kevin is a responsible parent who takes care of his daughter regularly. His daughter was born on June 29th, 2000. 

Kevin Samuels’s Net Worth

Name Kevin Samuels
Profession YouTuber Net Worth 5 million dollar
Monthly Income 20,000+ dollar
Yearly Income of 0.3 million dollar
Properties and Assert Owned N/A
Cars Owned 5+

Kevin Samuels Net Worth Summary 

Samuels has posted several videos on his YouTube channel. A vast portion of his annual Income comes from his YouTube channel. As per, the latest reports of 2022, the current net worth of this media icon is $ 5 Million, and the net worth mentioned above is an estimated value. Samuels has posted several videos on his YouTube channel. A vast portion of his annual Income comes from his YouTube channel. 

Kevin earns roughly $5,000 per month from his YouTube channel. He also makes quite a lump sum from his image consultant company. According to the reports, he charges around $10,000 per client for an image consultation. 

He also likes to maintain a long list of fancy high-end cars. Kevin’s car collection starts with Lamborghini Urus and goes up to Tesla Model. The list also includes vehicles like BMW, Mini Cooper and Mercedes AMG. We can estimate that he likes to maintain these costly babies and takes them out for a spin now and then. 

Kevin Samuels Net Growth

Net Worth in 2021 $ 5.0 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $4.7 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $ 4.4Million
Net Worth in 2019 $ 4.1 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $3.9 Million


Kevin Samuels has been a very hardworking man. He has always ensured that nothing should come his way. From the very beginning of his career, he worked in various odd jobs to learn and develop skills that would help him grow in his career. He worked in multiple fields like marketing, sales and advertisement. 

But all his hard work and experience paid off when he started his YouTube channel. This man poured his knowledge out in front of his audience, and his audience also reciprocate with ed him. Overall, Kevin is a self-made man. He has proved that nothing is impossible in your life if you put your heart and soul into it. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q1. What is the current net worth of Kevin Samuels in 2022? 

A. His current net worth is 5 million dollars. 

Q2. What is the primary source of Income? 

A. His primary source of Income comes from his business venture and his YouTube channel. 

Q3. How much does he weights right now? 

A. The current Body weight of Kevin Samuels is 65 KG. 

Q4. What is the correct height of Kevin Samuels? 

A. His accurate height is 6′ feet 2″ inches. 

Q5. How much does he earn in a month? 

A. Kevin Samuels earns somewhere around 20,000 dollars per month.

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