Kevin Costner’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, And Revenue

American actor, film director, and producer Kevin Costner arrives on the red carpet for the global celebration of the film “Hidden Figures” at the SVA Theatre, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 in New York. The film is based on the book of the same title, by Margot Lee Shetterly, and chronicles the lives of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson — African-American women working at NASA as “human computers,” who were critical to the success of John Glenn’s Friendship 7 mission in 1962. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Kevin Costner was a famously known actor; at the very long part of his journey as an actor, people didn’t know him, but as we know, good things take time, and with his persistence, he became the most famous actor in this world.

And he shows us how important it is to nurture your talents as it will help you build yourself and show you the path to becoming successful. Kevin did the same, and now he is the owner of millions of dollars, so let’s find out how Kevin Costner spent his millions and more exciting stories about his lifestyle. 

Kevin Costner’s key facts 

● Kevin Costner’s salary is around $40 million 

● His monthly income is approx $3 million

Real name Kevin Michael Costner
Celebrated Name Kevin Costner
Birthplace Lynwood, California, U.S.A.
Date of birth January 18, 1955
Age 67 yrs
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 82 kg
Hair Grey, Blonde Eye color Grey Parents William Costner (father). Sharon Rae ( mother) Siblings, yes
Religion Baptist Nationality American Zodiac Capricorn
Marital status Married
Wife Christine Baumgartner
Ex-Wife Cindy Costner
Kids 7, Annie Costner, Lily Costner, Grace Avery Costner, Joe Costner, Hayes Logan Costner, Cayden Wyatt Costner, and Liam Costner

Kevin Michael Costner took birth in Lynwood, California 1955, on January 18. He is the youngest of the family, and he has siblings, but one of them died after birth. Kevin’s father, William Costner, used to work as a utility director for Southern California, and his mother, Sharon Rae, used to work as a welfare worker. 

From a very young age, Kevin had to move to various places due to his father’s work, and due to this, it was difficult for him to make new friends, and he was timid to interact with others. From

his early school life, he knew that he was interested in Arts and was not academically inclined in school. 

When Costner was a teenager, he started taking piano lessons; after that, he soon started writing his poetry and was sent to the choir at church. Then in 1973, he graduated from Villa Park High School and joined California State University, Fullerton, majoring in marketing and finance. 

During his last year of college, he started practicing dance and acting, and while working as a marketing executive, he began taking acting lessons. And attend various auditions. 

Kevin Costner’s career 

Kevin Costner first appeared on the big screen through the movie Sizzle Beach, U.S.A., in 1981. But it’s better to say that his first movie was The Touch, released in 1983 due to documentation issues. After that, Kevin played a few minor roles in movies and commercials. And then, in 1985, Costner appeared in the movie Silverado; he also started working in petite movies such as Fandango and American Flyers. 

After that, from the late 1980s to the late 1990s, Kevin appeared in various movies like The Untouchables, No Way Out, Bull Durham, Dances with Wolves, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Perfect World, The Postman, etc. In the movie, The Postman, Kevin also worked as a director, but it didn’t go how he expected and was a flop film. 

After that, Kevin starred in movies such as The Company Man, Hatfield &McCoys, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, 3 Days to Kill, Black and White, McFarland, and many other movies. Then in 2000, he played a role in the film Thirteen Days, which helped him revive his reputation. Then he acted in a movie, The Upside of Anger, as a retired Professional baseball player, and it was quite a hit. In 2008, Kevin appeared in films Named The Guardians, Swing Vote, etc. 

Kevin also did a cameo in a few movies, but his biggest hit was Yellowstone, a television series he starred in and produced. After that, he worked as a Voice artist in The Art of Racing in the Rain. And finally, in 2022, he started production on the horizon. 

Kevin Costner’s other income

Music Career 

Kevin Costner, this man is full of wonders; he has endless talents to go on and on. After being an actor, director, and producer in his acting career, Kevin also leads a life as a successful singer. 

He is a member of a country dog band Kavin Costner & Modern West. Kevin established this band because of the encouragement of his wife. Throughout Kevin Costner’s music career, the band has gone through various musical tours, leading to a good amount of income. 

The band debuted their first album, Untold Truth, in 2008. And it was pretty famous among country music lovers. In 2010 his band Kevin Costner & Modern West released another album titled Turn It On. Recently another album got released named Tales from Yellowstone, and the song of this album where featured on the third season of Yellowstone Yellowstone. 

Other ventures 

Kevin started developing an oil separation machine in 1995 based on the patent Costner purchased from the U.S. government. But then later there were some legal issues which it solved now. After that, in 2004, Costner opened a campaign educating and as an emotional place for people to learn about America’s Westward expansion. 

Then he used to own a casino, but in 2020 he had to sell out the establishment. And on the same day, he joined Hear as a co-founder of an audio entertainment travel app. 

Apart from these, he is a partial owner of a Zion, Illinois-based baseball team named Lake County Fielders Independent Baseball Team that played for the North American League. And also he coauthored a book, The Explorer’s Guild: A Passage to Shambhala. 

Kevin Costner’s personal life 

Kevin first married 1978 Cindy Silva while he was in college. Then after 16 years of marriage, they got divorced. And during their married life, they had three children: Annie, Lily, and Joe. 

In 2004 Kevin married his four years dated girlfriend, model and designer Christine Baumgartner, and together they also have three children: Cayden, Hayes, and Grace.

Between his divorce and marriage, he became the father of another child Liam Timothy, from his brief relationship with Birgit Cunningham. 

Kevin Costner’s net worth 

Kevin Costner’s net worth is around $300 million. 

Name Kevin Costner
Profession Actor, Producer, Film director, Singer, Musician, entrepreneur
Net worth (2022) $300 million
Assets and investments $80 million
Cars owned 1+
Properties 2+

Kevin Costner’s net worth summary 

Kevin Costner’s assets 

Kevin Costner’s Real estate 

● From the early 80s, Costner started building his empire, and from the late 80s to the early 90s, Kevin bought multiple land plot situations at the same locality. The house is divided into three parts, but the housing space is around 160 acres. It is located in Northern Colorado. After buying all that land, Costner renovated the area and named it Dunbar Ring. The three parts of this property include the main house, a lake house, and a river house. 

The primary resistance is 5,800 sq. ft in size, and from every side of this mansion, it has a breathtaking view. The house has six beautiful and six bedrooms designed in a traditional, cozy design. In the place, there are beautiful chandeliers that give a

warm and rustic feeling to the house. And that doesn’t form the main bedroom. There is a way to a secret room. Outside this house are a swimming pool, lawns, and even his baseball ground. 

Most of the time, like in summer or winter, Kevin rents his lake or river house. Then his lake and river houses which he uses primarily for his vacation. But Kevin thinks about his vacation and takes care of others’ vacations. 

● Kevin Costner also owns a house in Montana. The home is located in the beachside town of Carpentaria, California. Although the area is quite extensive, Kevin’s Montana residence is relatively small; it only includes two bedrooms and one bathroom. This oceanfront residence of Kevin is based on 10.25 acres; later, he bought an additional 18-acre space in 2006.

While buying this property, the area was divided into smaller parts, so he bought those areas and made them one. Then in 2009, he sold 7 acres of his land at $25 million, but after that, he listed the rest of the land for $60 million, but till now, it didn’t sell out. 

Kevin Costner’s cars 

There is no helpful information about what car Kavin Costner owns or how many, but if we can tell you anything about this car, he holds a custom Toyota Tundra that costs around $40,000. He customized this car in a way so that I could carry heavy weights, then included sliding storage boxes to keep his belongings and many other facilities. As Costner loves to travel and go on adventures, this car is a perfect companion for his adventure rides. 

Kevin Costner’s net worth growth

Net worth in 2018 was $230 million
Net worth in 2019 was $240 million
Net worth in 2020 $250 million
Net worth in 2021 $275 million
Net worth in 2022 $300 million


At the end of the story of Costner, we can understand that how to reach you, you always should stay on the ground. He prefers to invest his money wisely then impulsively. He will work extra hard daily to get a better life and care for the people he loves. So you should permanently preserve this in mind and focus on your future. The road can be full of stones and boulders but giving up is not an option. 

Frequently asked questions 

● What is Kevin Costner’s net worth? 

Kevin Costner’s net worth in 2022 is around $300 million. 

● How many children does Kevin questioner have? 

Kevin has seven children from his two marriages and one relationship. He has three daughters: Annie, Lily, and grace. And four sons: Joe, Liam Timothy, Cayden, and Hayes. 

● How did Kevin Costner become famous? 

Kevin became famous for his role in the western film Silverado in 1985, where he played the role of a cowboy.

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