Gucci Mane’s Net Worth: Bibliography, Assert, Salary, Cars, and Revenue

When you think of legendary names from the American rapper community, then you cannot afford to miss Gucci Mane’s name from the list. He is among the legendary rappers who built a fan base from their talent and hard work. 

Gucci Mane is an American rapper and a successful entrepreneur. His current net worth is 12 million dollars. He is a successful music producer and enjoys all kinds of luxury in his daily life. But he did not become such a great name in the music industry overnight. It took him years to accomplish this position. 

He began his music career at the age of 14. His big brother Victor introduced him to the world of hip-hop music and encouraged him to pursue his love for music. In the initial days, he used to write poetry. He slowed his love for writing songs, and rap started taking over him. 

In this article, we will discuss the Net Worth of Gucci Mane in 2022, his current income, expenditure, cars, assets, and how he manaIncome live a costly life. So if you want to know more about his personal life, investment, and financial status, you have arrived at the right place. 

Critical Factors About Gucci Mane. 

● Gucci Mane is the king of hip-hop music. 

● His current net worth is 12 million dollars. 

● He is the founder of a famous label called 1017 records. 

● Gucci mane has a lavish wedding ceremony. 

● He likes to live a super luxurious life. 

● In 2010, he came under the Fobes Hip-Hop list. 

● He charges between $50 000 to $80,000 for a show. 

● He also earns a lump sum of money by working with various brands. ● His YouTube channel has 4.6 million subscribers. 

● He is a famous rapper in America. 

Gucci Mane‘s Early Life/ Bibliography.

Real Name Radic Davis
Celebrated Name Gucci Mane
Birth Place Bessemer, Alabama.
Date Of Birth 12th February 1980
Age N/A
Height 6’feet2”inc.
Parents YES
Siblings 1 Religion N/A
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign N/A
Marital Status N/A
Kids N/A

Gucci Mane, aka Radic Davis, was born on 12th February 1980. He was born and brought up in Bessemer, Alabama. As far as we know about his parents, his father was s a former U.S serviceman, and he used to work in a power plant. His father was an ex-military, and he was posted in Korea for two years.

After his parents separated, Gucci Mane was raised by his mother all alone. His mother was a social service worker and a part-time teacher when he was a child. She used to teach underprivileged kids. Later he and his mother moved to Atlanta and started living there. But where he used to live was a highly crime-prone area, and it was not a suitable environment for a child to grow up in. 

It was back in the days when he was a high school student. But he had no options other than to fight his fate. Luckily, he was a bright student and quite popular among his friends. But very few of them knew his real hustle. Gucci Mane started selling drugs to earn some extra money. 

Mane managed to complete his education, and he did his schooling at Jonesboro Elementary School at first. Later he went on to Georgia Perimeter College for his higher education. He had a 3.0 GPA at the time of graduating from school. But later on, he was removed from his college for possessing illegal stuff on the college campus. 

After this incident, Gucci never returned to his college and decided to drop his academic career and focus on his music instead. Fortunately, by this time, he had already started gaining some limelight in the rapping community. This is why he never had to turn back in his career. 

Gucci Mane’s Career and Rewards 

Gucci Mane is among the highest-paid rappers in the American community. He started taking music seriously after his first album received immense love from the audience. His album La Flare was also highly appreciated throughout East Atlanta. 

Later, Mane decided to collaborate with Young Jeezy called “So Icy.” He made millions out of it and gained immense popularity. Trap House was his first independent music record, and it was published in 2006. It was the first separate record to reach the Billboards Heatseekers Charts. 

The next album,” Hard to Kill,” was also a great hit; this album was launched in 2006. the song “ Freaky Gurl ” from this album was a significant hit. It ranked number 12 on the Hot Rap Tracks. After giving one after another hit songs and albums, he also signed some contracts. 

In 2013 Gucci Mane released a mixtape called “The State vs. Radric Davis II”.This album collaborated with music icons like Simmonds, Peewee Longway, Rocko, Young Thug, and Young Dolph. The song “The Caged Bird “ was a big hit on this album.

Gucci Mane’s Personal Life 

the Gucci mane also has some looking doors, unlike any other pop star or youth icon. These doors are nothing but dark incidents from his past. And he usually refrains from talking about them. But when you belong to the entertainment industry, there is nothing that you can keep as a private matter. 

Gucci mane was sent to jail for 90 days. As per the media, he was arrested for cocaine consumption in 2001. Later he got a layer involved and brought the matter closed. Another incident took place in May 2005. This time, he was attacked by a group of men. The incident took place at a house located in Decatur, Georgia. 

After that incident, it was reported that Gucci shot them to death along with his friend. Later the investigation was carried out, and the dead body was recovered, after which he was sent back to jail with murder charges. 

Mane was able to get rid of the murder charges in 2006. but because of his previous record of assaulting a nightclub owner in October, he was asked to serve a six-month sentence in jail for the assault charges brought against him. Later he was bailed in January 2006. 

Unfortunately, Gucci Mane has been imprisoned quite several times. It was 2016 when he last visited the jail. Until 2010 he was summoned to prison for various reasons. This gave birth to a lot of controversies against him in the media. 

Keeping aside all the dark controversies of his life, Mane witnessed some of the greatest moments in his life. In 2017 Gucci Mane got married to Keyshia Ka’oir in October 2017. The event was shot and released as “The Mane Event”; the series showcased the entire ceremony. It also framed the memorable moments from their wedding. 

Gucci Mane’s Net Worth

Name Gucci Mane
Profession Rapper and an entrepreneur
Net Worth $15 MILLION
Monthly Income $ 1, 50,000+
Yearly Income of $1 Million
Properties and Assert Owned 1
Cars Owned 5+

Gucci Mane’s NetIncome Summary. 

Considering that Gucci Mane likes to maintain a costly lifestyle, it is pretty evident that he also earns millions, because he can claim such a lifestyle. He also makes from various sources, because of which he can live such a costly lifestyle. 

According to the reports, Gucci Mane earns 2 million dollars annually. In 2017 he made 10 million dollars and left Atlantic records. He is widely known for his extravagant lifestyle. Other than his costly lifestyle, he maintains a vast amount of assets. The current net worth of Gucci Mane is 14 million dollars as of 2022. 

In recent years, the list of expensive cars he owned has extended. The list includes Lamborghini Aventador SV, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Rolls Royce Wraith, the Mc Laren, and many more. He likes to take them out once in a while for a quick spin. He also mentions that he loves investing in cars. It is one of his favorite forms of assertion. 

Besides his love for cars, he also built the house of his dreams. The property is over 6,000 square feet, constructed in 1985. The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and the mansion also has a personalized home theatre. Besides the above features, the property has an impressive curved glass staircase. 

Gucci Mane’s Net Growth

Net Worth in 2021 $15 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $14 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $13Million
Net Worth in 2019 $12 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $11 Million


There is no difference in opinion that Gucci Mane has been through many Ups and Downs. His life story is like a roller coaster ride. But even after all this, he managed to pull himself together and focus on his passion. He never let anything come in between. He always made it a point to give his whole heart and soul to his craft. 

This man right here is a product of true dedication. He has proved that nothing is impossible in life if you work hard for it. He pursued his love for music from a very young age and now looks at him. He is the brightest sighing star in the rapping galaxy. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the current net worth of Gucci Mane in 2022? 

A. His current net worth is 15 million dollars. 

Q2. How much does Gucci Mane make in a year? 

A. He makes $1 million. 

Q3. What is the height of Gucci Mane? 

A. His height is 6’2” feet. 

Q4. How much does he weigh? 

A. His current weight is 96 kg. 

Q5. How much does Gucci Mane make in a month? 

A. He earns around 1,50,000+ in a month.

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