Grace Hargis aspires to be many things - glamorous, well-read, successful - but mostly, an actress or a writer. Growing up in  Hilliard, Ohio, she gained an array of inconsequential accolades and experiences, and is now working toward earning a degree in Theatre and English from Barnard College (and hopefully, the time of her life). Since moving to New York, she dedicates the little time she isn't found in Butler Library to attempting to stay active in student theatre and taking classes off campus at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting. She has also become notorious for missing her stop on the subway due to excessive daydreaming and spending all her hard earned cash on seamless orders and vintage party dresses for which she has no occasion to wear. By the time she is grown, she hopes to see Europe, reach artistic fulfillment, write a book, and maybe fall in love but for now she's content with galavanting about the city as if Manhattan was her own private island.