Carter Reum’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, and Revenue

Carter Reum a famous name for his business and for being the husband of renowned media personnel Paris Hilton. Even though Carter’s father was a successful person, Carter still believed in creating something on his own, but he knew to make something big, he would need help and hence made Courtney Reum his business partner.

So with all these strategies and planning, Carter earns a good amount of money he likes to spend on exciting things. So let’s find out Carter Reum’s net worth and something about his lifestyle. 

Carter Reum’s key facts 

● Carter Reum earns most of this fortune from his business and real estate investments. ● Carter Reum’s yearly income is around $2 million, but his earnings increase with time. 

● His monthly earning is approx $1,60,000

Real name Carter Milliken Reum
Celebrated Name Carter Reum
Birthplace Wayne, Illinois, US
Date of birth February 5, 1981
Age 41 yrs
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 78kg
Hair Black Eye color Dark brown Parents Robert Reum (Father), Sherry Reum (mother) Siblings Yes, Courtney Reum( brother), Halle(sister) Religion Christian
Nationality American Zodiac Aquarius Marital status Married
Wife Paris Hilton
Ex-Wife None
Kids 1

Carter Milliken Reum took birth in the USA on February 5, 1981. His father, Robert Reum, was the CEO of a Chicago-based Armstead industry, and his mother’s name was Sherry Reum. Carter has two Other siblings a brother named Courtney Reum and a sister named Halle. 

Carter was born into a wealthy family, and according to Forbes, his father’s business earnings is around $4 million, which makes this business one of the largest private company in the US. 

To complete his studies, Carter Reum studied at Columbia College of Columbia University in 2003. And after finishing his studies, he not only became a part of his father’s business but started his own with his brother.

Carter Reum’s career

Career as an Entrepreneur

Carter Reum is exceptionally talented in the field of his career. Carter started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 25. Carter began an alcohol business with his brother Courtney to build something exciting and on his own. Together they created an alcohol band named VEEV Spirits. It was made from organic acai that came from Brazil. And this alcohol is the first carbon-neutral spirit brand. 

Then Reum, with his brother Courtney, also built an investment firm named M13. From which they earned quite a good amount of fortune. And not only that, it is reported that the Reum brothers syndicated around $100 million through investments in various startups. 

Career as an Author 

He is not only a business tycoon who earns millions of dollars through his business field but also a great author. In 2018 Cater co-author the book Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success with his brother and business partner Courtney Reum. This book is based on different trips and technique advice from an experienced entrepreneur to run a business and get success. 

The book also described what Carter and his brother learned from the journey, what mistakes they made, and where they started to become investors in notable brands like SpaceX, Pinterest, Lyft, and Warby Parker. This book was released under the publication house of Random House and Penguin Books. 

It seems like these two brothers are inseparable, from career to personal life, from every perspective. And on top of that, Carter and Courtney dedicated this book to their father, W. Robert Reum, who died while they were still writing this book. 

Apart from his book Carter also worked for Huffington Post and Inc. 

Carter Reum’s other income 

Carter Reum was a part of a television series named Hatched, and he appeared in various episodes of that show. Not only that, but Reum also appeared in multiple shows on CBC and Fox. 

Carter Reum’s personal life

In 2020, it was rumored that Carter Reum is dating famous businesspeople, socialites, and businesswomen. Then proving the rumor true, the couple confirmed their relationship through Instagram by posing a picture kissing each other. Then in early 2021, Carter Reum married his date Paris Hilton in Los Angeles. 

Carter has a daughter of his own from his past relationship with former actress Laura Bellizzi and took all the responsibilities for his child. But Carter’s daughter stays with her mother most of the time. 

Carter Reum’s net worth 

Carter Reum’s net worth is around $40 million 

Name Carter Reum
Profession Entrepreneur, author
Net worth (2022) $40 million
Assets and investments $8 million
Cars owned 2+
Properties 1+

Carter Reum’s net worth summary 

Carter Reum assets 

● There is no accurate information about where Carter Reum used to live. But after the wedding of Carter Reum and Paris Hilton, many things changed, and now they are living together. Carter and Paris bought an $8.4 million mansion In la costa Beach, Malibu. This mansion is a beautiful sea-facing property. 

The interior of this house is very sophisticated and gives a modern yet vintage feel. This 2,968 sq. ft property has three bedrooms and three bathrooms; then there is an enormous living room with a fireplace, an extensive open balcony, a Concrete deck outside the mansion, and many other things.

● Now, as we discussed this vacation home, let’s find out where he spends time with his wife. Carter’s wife, Paris Hilton, owns a house in Bravery Hills, which she bought in 2015 for around $5.9 million. Adapt from the Malibu mansion. 

Carter Reum’s cars 

Carter has good taste in cars and owns a few luxurious vehicles. So let’s talk about what car Carter Reum owns and its price. 

● Range Rover, to buy this car, Carter spent around $136,000. This vehicle is one of the best SUVs that anyone can own. 

● BMW 3-series convertible with a value of about $60,000. This car is built with both technology and luxury. 

● Audi A7 is worth around $90,000; this car has a luxurious and sporty feel. 

Carter Reum’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 was $30 million
Net worth in 2019 was $35 million
Net worth in 2020 $36 million
Net worth in 2021 $38 million
Net worth in 2022 $40 million


There was a time when Carter Reum was born into a wealthy family, and people didn’t acknowledge his talents, but soon he started achieving one step after another and became the name everyone knows. And what people think is never his concern.

Carter does what he believes in. He falls in love with the infamous Paris Hilton, marries her, and is happy to lead his life the way he wants. And this same story goes to you, focus on succeeding in life and live the way you want. 

Frequently asked questions 

● What is Carter Reum’s net worth?

As an entrepreneur and writer, Carter earned his fortune in various ways, and because of his talent, currently, in 2022, Reum is the owner of around $40 million. 

● Who is the wife of Carter Reum? 

Carter Reum is married to a prominent entrepreneur, model, and well-known socialite, Paris Hilton. They dated each other for one year, and in 2021, they married in Los Angeles. 

● What is the occupation of Carter Reum? 

Carter Reum is the co-founder of a vodka company brand named VEEV. Also, he is an author and co-owner of M16, who invested in various business ventures.

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