Bob Saget Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assert, Salary, Revenue, Property, And Cars

I have the brain of a German shepherd and the body of a 16-year-old boy, they are both in my car, and I want you to see them. No wonder these lines had a deeper meaning related to them. They dint come out from a layman’s mouth. Instead, these words represent true wisdom. 

Bob Saget, a man with multiple talents, is the person who kept the smiles on our faces intact over the decades. Today, in this article, we shall discuss his journey of becoming a celebrity in the entertainment industry and entertaining people with his jokes. Follow 

this article till the very end as we dig deep into his life before and after becoming a superstar. 

Bob Saget’s Key Factors 

● Bob Saget gained popularity from a TV show called the entire house, which changed his life. 

● In the initial days, he worked as a stand-up comedian. 

● By age 21, he had already won his first prize, the student academy awards. 

● Per the reports published by celerity’s net worth, Bob Saget’s net worth was $50 million at the time of his death. 

● Bob Sage appeared as a TV show host in 1989, known as America’s Funniest Home videos. 

Bob Saget – Biography / Early life 

Real name: 

Robert Lane Saget 

Celebrated Name:

Bob Saget 

Birth Place: 


Date of Birth: 

17 May 1956 




6 ft. 2inches 


80 kg 

Hair Colour: 


Eye Colour: 

Deep Brown 


Father Benjamine &Mother Rosalyn Delly 






Marital Status: 

Married Twice 


Sherri Kramer 

Present Wife: 

Kelly Rizzo 


Three Daughters 



Robert Saget, popularly known as Bob Saget, was born in a Jewish family. His father was a supermarket executive, whereas bob’s mom was a hospital administrator. Born in a middle-class family, bob went through various ups and downs since childhood. 

Initially, he was raised in California and then moved to Philadelphia, where he completed his education. Bob was a student of Abington Senior High School. Then he completed his primary education and went for his higher education. Bob Saget complete his B.A degree from Temple University, where he studied films. Later, Bob attended a few acting and dram courses at the University of Southern California. 

But initially, Bob did not want to take up arts as his subject; he wanted to become a doctor, but his literature teacher inspired him to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. as time went by, he discovered his natural talents. He found the genuine passion that kept him motivated throughout his life. 

Bob Saget’s career and rewards

In his early days, Bob used to be a comedian, and as his stars aligned, he successfully landed on CBS. His television career started with “The Merv Griffin Show” in 1981. But unfortunately, that show did not bring him much popularity. 

It was “The Morning Show” on CBCS, which made his screen presence noticeable. In the year 1987, that show started airing. Soon after his short debut, he was offered another show called” Full House.” In this show, he portrayed the role of Danny Tanner, which helped him to come under the spotlight. 

This show took off well, and from this time onwards, he never had to return to his life again. The show continued for eight long seasons, and over 192 episodes were shot. Soon this show becomes the top most popular show. And it consistently ranked on Nielsen’s list as well. 

In 1989, bob was cast as the host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” He continued to host (AFHV) until 1997. Meanwhile, he worked on “Hose Full” and” America’s Funniest Home Videos’ simultaneously. 

In October 2001, Bob Saget started his short-lived sitcom “Raising Dad” on The WB. Along with Kat Dennings, Brie Larson, and Jerry Alder. Bob ventured into the world of films as well. He directed his first feature film, “Dirty Work,” in 1998. Bob also worked as a voice-over artist in this famous show called “How I Met Your Mother.” 

Bob Saget’s Personal Life 

Bob had three daughters from his first wife. Throughout his entire lifetime, bob was married twice; at first, he was married to his childhood love Sherri Kramer in 1982. And after their failed marriage, Bob and his wife Sherri parted ways in 1997. 

Then, in 2018, he got married again, and this time, he successfully fulfilled his marriage vows. This time Bob chose Kelly Rizzo as his life partner. It was the death that parted their ways in different directions. 

Bob Saget’s Net Worth 


Bob Saget 


TV host, Comedian, Actor 

Net worth in 2022 


Cars owned 

Properties owned 

$7.75 million 

Asserts and properties 

$7.765 million 

Bob Saget’s Net Worth Summary 

Bob Saget’s earned around $5 million annually, clearly stating that he led a wealthy lifestyle. Since he was a full-time TV show host and voice-over artist, making millions every month was not a big thing for him. He was also a director. He also wrote his autobiography, these two act as a source of income. 

Besides being a stand-up comedian and a voice artist, he acted in various other sitcoms and movies on a contractual basis which helped him to make even more money. Besides being an all-rounder, Bob also ran a podcast of his own, contributing to his financial growth. He has written many books as well. 

No wonder the man leads a luxurious life that many of us might only dream of. Throughout this journey, I worked on several other projects contributing to his wealth accumulation. From being a stand-up comedian to a loving personality in the entertainment world, this man carved his path toward success. 

Bob Saget Net Worth Growth 

Net Worth in 2022 

$50 Million

Net Worth in 2021 

$50 Million 

Net Worth in 2020 

$47 Million 

Net Worth in 2019 

$ 42 Million 

Net Worth in 2018 

$ 36 Million 

Net Worth in 2017 

$ 30 Million 

Bob Saget and The Morning Show 

Bob’s appearance on television was marked by his first ever debut as a co-host on CBS along with Rolland Smith in 1987. Even though he was a part of that show for a brief period, working alongside Mariette Hartley and Mark Mc Ewen helped him gain many skills and practical knowledge. 

Bob Saget and Full House 

It was a huge turning point in his career; being cast as one of the main leads in the sitcom helped him unleash the natural talents hidden inside him. Bob played the role of Danny Tanner on the show fuller house. This show gave him the real exposure he needed to prove himself as a performing artist.

It was a super hit show and was loved by people worldwide. Later in the year 2016, Netflix came up with a rebooted version under the name Fuller House which stretched from 201620202. The audience also loves it. 

America’s Funniest Home Videos and Bob Saget While working on Full House, bob started working on this project simultaneously, but this time he was the show’s host. For eight consecutive seasons, Saget hosted the show. It was almost a decade after he decided to retire from his old job and look for new

opportunities. Once again, this show brought him immense love and affection from the audience’s side. 

How I Met Your Mother 

Bob always liked to try his hands out on different things, and this time he went with voice acting. During the early 2000s, he worked on a series of projects simultaneously. However, he still wanted to rediscover his capabilities, which is when he landed in the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother in 2005. For nine long seasons, he effortlessly narrated the show with his incredible voice as Ted Mosby. The show continued till 2014. 


Bob Saget sets an example in front of the whole society that a man can do anything in his life, given he has a passion for it. Nothing should come your way if you are dedicated to your love and how you can get rid of all kinds of obstructions that come your way. Bob was indeed a man of natural talent. His huge fan following proves how great he was on the stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the current net worth of Bob Saget? 

A- As per the latest reports, bob Saget’s net worth is $50 million. 

2. Who is the current wife of Bob Saget? 

A- Before his death, Bob Saget married his second wife, Kelly Rizzo 

3. What was his primary source of revenue income? 

A- He earned from working in several sitcoms and TV shows where he was the host or the main lead. Other than being a TV show host, he was a great writer and a director as well. He also earned money working as a voice-over artist.

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