Blippi’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, And Revenue

Blippi is a famous figure among children. Through his fun and playful personality, he teaches many exciting things to millions of children. And manage to earn millions of dollars from this profession.

So in this article, you’ll learn some interesting things about Blippi, such as his early life, relationship, net worth, lifestyle, etc. Hence keep reading and find some interesting information about that person your kids are obsessed with. 

Blippi’s key facts 

● Blippi paid around $2 million in taxes. 

● He earns $30,000+ per day through his videos 

● Bilppi’s yearly income is $12 million+ 

● In 2021, blippy earned over $18 million from media rights and royalties.

Real name Stevin John
Celebrated Name Blippi
Birthplace Ellensburg, Washington, United States
Date of birth May 27, 1988
Age 34
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 75kg
Hair Dark brown
Eye color Hazel Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Religion Christian Nationality American Zodiac Gemini Marital status Engaged.
Fiance Alyssa Ingham
Kids 1(Lochlan David John)

Blippi ( Stevin John) was born on May 27th, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, United States. Even though he was born in Ellenburg, a city full of cultures, his childhood was spent seeing cows, horses, tractors, etc. And growing up, he always dreamt of working for his country and becoming a fighter pilot. 

Before he started his career as Blippi, Stevin, after finishing college, worked in the US Air Force as a loadmaster for two years. At the unit 4th Airlift Squadron, his plane was a C-17 Globemaster airplane. 

Then, when Stevin moved back to Ellenburg, one day, he saw that his two-year-old nephew was watching a low-quality YouTube video with average content. And this incident changed his life.

Stevie saw a void in this segment in the market and thought of utilizing it. He took the opportunity, bought some good quality equipment, and made the character Blippi. Stevin made a niche for himself; he was sure about the content and who his Target audience was.

Blippi’s career & awards 

Stevin’s career started on 2014 January 27th. He made a video on YouTube to educate children. He finds potential in making upbeat, entertaining, and educational videos. And with better quality video and graphics, it will be easier for the children to learn things. 

Stevin John knows to become an entertaining character, he has to bring a fun-loving graphitic side of his. So after a lot of thinking and figuring out things, he came up with the name ‘ Blippi’ and his clothing design and many other things. The name is easier for the kids to pronounce, and the orange and blue outfit is bright and cheerful for them. 

Soon after his first video was released on YouTube, he became famous among parents and kids. In 2019 his channel gained around 5.5 billion views worldwide. His songs and energetic ways of teaching the has a profound impact on the kids. He describes things very quickly and interestingly, as if every piece of information looks like a story. 

In 2021, Blippi was settled into the UK as Moonbug Entertainment purchased it. Moonbug Entertainment later partnered with POPS and expanded the show worldwide. Stevin also launched a summer North American Musical Tour named `Blippi The Musical.’ And in 2022, his show ‘ Blippi’ became a part of Netflix. Apart from that, he also made content for Amazon videos, HBO Max and Hulu. 

Blippi has gained so much popularity worldwide that his videos are dubbed in various languages, such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, and many more.

Blippi’s personal life 

After many years of dating, in 2021, Stevin John got engaged to his girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham. Then on March 14th, 2022, they had their first baby. 

Blippi’s net worth 

Stevin John, famously known as Blippi net worth in 2022 is $75 million. 

Name Blippi ( Stevin John)
Profession Children’s entertainer and educator, YouTuber
Net worth (2022) $75 million
Assets and investments $50 million+
Cars owned 4+
Properties 2+

Blippi’s net worth summary 

Blippi is known as one of the highest-paid YouTubers. In 2022, Blippi will have 16.1 million subscribers; from this, he earned an estimated revenue of $21 million. 

From his first channel, ‘Blippi- Educational Videos for Kids,’ he earns more than $10 million per year from the ads alone. And from his second channel, he makes nearly $10 million yearly with 9.39 million subscribers. And this is only from his YouTube videos; apart from that, he earns thousands of dollars every month through his other YouTube channels and the OTT platforms.

And it doesn’t end here Blippi has its merchandise line that includes shoes, toys, pillows, bow, tie, action figures, etc. All these things together produce thousands and millions of dollars that add up to his net worth. 

Blippi’s assets 

Blippi generally owns two properties. He lives in a 9000 sq. ft mansion in California, USA. His house has many exciting things such as a game room, home theatre, three swimming pools, and many other fancy things. Also a total number of 7 bedrooms and nine bathrooms, overall it is a gigantic house to live in. 

Blippi’s cars 

With Stevin’s $75 million net worth, he fulfilled his dream of adding a few luxurious cars to his car collection. He owns a BMW X8 that cost him around $200,000, Volvo XC40 that cost $70,000, a beautiful Audi A6 for $120,000, and a Mercedes Benz C-Class for which he had to pay approximately $50,000. 

Blippi’s net worth growth

Net worth in 2018 was $42 million
Net worth in 2019 was $48 million
Net worth in 2020 $55 million
Net worth in 2021 $60 million
Net worth in 2022 $75 million

Blippi’s Loans 

When Stevin was in college to continue his education, he took an educational loan of $20,000 but soon after gaining some popularity through Blippi, he repaid the loan. 

Apart from his educational loan in college, Stevin took another considerable loan. A few years back, he took a $19 million loan from the Bank of New York to expand his business.


When Stevin started his career as a children’s educator, he had no idea he would be this famous. But when he discovered this field, he stayed focused and persistent; until now, kids enjoy his content. Then with his efforts, he managed to gain the position of the world’s one of the wealthiest YouTubers. 

Frequently asked questions 

● What is the net worth of Blippi? 

Blippi’s net worth in 2022 is $75 million 

● What is the name of Blippi? The real name of Blippi is Stevin W. John. 

● Why is Blippi so famous? 

Blippi made quality education content for kids that are fun to watch.

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