Bitter chocolate might lure Bindu Bansinath anywhere, but for the past three years, the Central Jersey native has found home in Manhattan, where she is a senior at Columbia College. The five-foot daughter of Indian immigrants, Bindu is a fiction writer and a beginning crossfitter, with a short, unashamed temper and a bottle of red Cholula stocked in her purse. Throughout her time at Columbia, she has interned at the New York Times, The Wylie Agency, PEN American Center, Simon & Schuster, and Penguin Random House. An aggressor at buffet lines, she serves as co Editor-in-Chief of Columbia’s 4x4 magazine, which publishes the literary work of undergraduates from all four schools. Her own writing has appeared in the New York Times, CALYX, PANK, The Smokelong Quarterly, and others. Though Bindu’s ID and a previous line in her biography state that she is five foot tall, in fact, she is 4’11 ½. But that is a half-inch lie she will keep telling herself.