A$AP Rocky’s Net Worth 2022: Biography, Assets, Salary, Cars, and Revenue

A$AP Rocky, a famous rapper, started his journey from scratch, and now he is the owner of millions of dollars. With his quick decisions, he made some positive turns in his life. So, without any further wait, let’s find out the net worth of A$AP Rocky and how he became a millionaire. 

A$AP Rocky’s key facts 

● A$AP Rocky’s monthly income is $0.1 million 

● At the start of his career, he made a $3 million deal 

● His car collection is worth around $1 million 

● Rocky is the boyfriend of Rihanna, whose net worth is $1.7 billion.

Real name Rakim Athelaston Mayers
Celebrated Name $A$AP Rocky
Birthplace Harlem, New York
Date of birth October 3, 1988
Age 33 years
Height 5ft 10 inch
Weight 75kg
Hair Black
Eye color Dark brown 
Parents Renee Black(Mother), Adrian Mayers(Father)
Siblings Harlem, New York
Religion Christian 
Nationality American 
Zodiac Libra 
Marital status Unmarried
Wife None
Partner Rihanna
Kids 1

A$AP Rocky was initially named Rakim Athelaston Mayers, a famous rapper and the partner of renowned singer Rihanna. Rakim Mayers was born in Harlem, New York City. He had an older brother who was murdered when Rakim was 13 years old. And a sister Erika. 

A$AP Rocky(Rakim) was interested in rap from a very young age, and his parents supported him. When Rakim was 9, his family moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to keep them away from any criminal activity or bad environment.

Then, at 12, his father got arrested for drug-related offenses. After that, Rocky’s mother took him and his siblings to North Carolina to survive. After that, they moved back to New York for a better living, but his older brother got shot and killed. 

The death of his older brother inspired Rocky to pursue his rap dream. He also gets influenced by rap groups like The Diplomats, Mobb Deep, U.G.K., etc. And that’s how in 2007, he started his rapping journey. 

A$AP Rocky’s career & awards 

A$AP Rocky’s journey to becoming a rapper began in 2011 when he released his single ‘Purple Swag.’ In 2007 he joined a group named A$A.P. Mob crew to explore his rap hobby. 

Then in 2011, Rocky released a mixtape, Live, Love, A$A.P. In that same year, he signed a $3 million deal with Sony; based on this record deal, he made his label, A$A.P. worldwide. In 2012 Rocky played the opening role of Drake’s Club Paradise Tour. Then he performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival. After that, in September, Rocky performed as a guest rap on Rihanna’s ” Cockiness.” 

A$AP Rocky released his first debut album Long. Live. A$A.P. And it got the place of Then his crew A$A.P. Mob released Lord Never Worry, a mixtape, Which got the position of no.1 on the Billboard 200. In June 2013, Rocky released his first instrumental album ‘Beauty & The Beast: Slowed Down Session (Chapter 1). 

On Rocky’s 26th birthday, we arranged a short-lived music giveaway. On December 31, 2015, Rocky released his second album’s lead single, “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2′. In the middle of this year, he made his debut in the film Dope.’ In 2015 he released songs like ‘M’$’ and’ Everyday.’

Then in the same year, Rocky released the follow-up to his First album Live. Love. A$A.P. and he named it A.L.L.A. ( At. Long. Last. A$A.P.). And it reached no.1 on Billboard 200. After that, he also appeared on different shows and featured on the single ‘Good for you, sung by Selena Gomez. 

In 2017 he featured on two tracks, ‘Lust of life’ and ‘ Pick it up. Then he released ‘5ive $tar$’ in 2018. He released singles like ‘Bad company,’ ‘ASAP forever,’ ‘Distorted Records,’ and ‘One track mind.’ On May 25, 2018, he released ‘Testing.’ It earned the position 4th on Billboard 200. 

In 2019 A$AP Rocky released a music video directed by Nadia Lee Cohen. In 2021 he released his Life. Love. A$A.P. mixtape to celebrate its 10th anniversary. And in 2022, he released two tracks from his upcoming album.

Rocky even won a few awards and also got nominated for various awards, including a Grammy. So the prize he won is

● B.E.T. Award in 2013 for Best Collaboration “Fuckin Problems.” 

● B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards in 2013 for Best Collaboration, Duo or Group ” Fuckin Problems.” ● MTV Video Music Awards Japan in 2013 for Best Hip-hop video “Fuckin Problems.” ● B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards in 2014 for Made-You-Look Award 

● MTVu Woodie Award in 2014 for Best Collaboration Woodie “Wild for the night.” 

A$AP Rocky’s other income 

Rakim Athelaston Mayers, famously known as A$AP Rocky, has his merchandise line. Then A$AP partnered with Guess. And in 2016, he collaborated with Belgian fashion designer Raff Simmons who made his merchandise even more famous among his fans. 

A$AP Rocky’s personal life 

Well, Rocky has a pretty active dating life; he dated Australian rapper 

Iggy Azalea from 2011 to 2012. Then he dated Chanel Iman, a model, in 2013 but broke up in 2014. But soon after a few years, Rocky started dating Rihanna, and in May 2022, Rihanna gave birth to their first child. 

A$AP Rocky also followed pescetarianism, but after 2012 he turned into a vegan. And he believed in staying away from the horror of the poultry industry. 

A$AP Rocky’s net worth 

A$AP Rocky’s music album’s made him quite famous, and I’m 2022, his net worth is $10 million+

Name A$AP Rocky
Profession Rapper, songwriter, record producer, singer
Net worth (2022) $10 million
Assets and investments $6 million
Cars owned 5+
Properties 1+

A$AP Rocky’s net worth summary 

A$AP Rocky’s assets 

He has pretty stunning and luxurious houses that people envy him for. But that doesn’t bother Rocky much as he worked hard to earn them. Rocky owns a mansion in West Hollywood, LA. This 4,300 sq. ft mansion has five bedrooms, a beautiful Italian kitchen, and many other exciting things. To buy this mansion, A$AP Rocky paid around $3 million. 

He also has a rented apartment in New York for which he pays $20,000 per month. 

A$AP Rocky’s cars 

After an apartment, cars are the first people want to buy when they become successful. And in A$AP Rocky’s case, there is no difference, but the only difference is the collection of luxury and fantastic cars.

His car collection includes Ferrari 488 GTB, for which Rocky paid $270,000 Lamborghini Gallardo price around $200,000 ,Ferrari 360 Modena, BMW 5 series price $69,000, Mercedes Benz A Class price $88,000, Lexus LS that he bought with a value of $80,000, Lamborghini Urus cost around $220,000, etc. 

A$AP Rocky watches 

Rolex sky-dweller that he customized and cost him $15,000, Jacob and Co Five Time Zone price $20,000, Audemars Piguet cost around $30,000, Patek Philippe priced around $80,000, and many others watch. 

A$AP Rocky other accessories

A$AP Rocky’s love for jewelry is unconditional. He loves trying new things. His collection includes a unique two-finger 18-carat gold ring made by Jason of Beverly Hills, for which he paid around $50,000. Then he owns a customized $10,000 teeth grill built with diamonds.

Then a thick Diamond chain worth around $100,000, iced-up chains made of diamond and gold cost around $140,000, and much other jewelry from cheap to expensive. 

A$AP Rocky’s net worth growth 

Net worth in 2018 was $6 million
Net worth in 2019 was $7 million
Net worth in 2020 $8 million
Net worth in 2021 $9 million
Net worth in 2022 $10 million+

Legal issues 

Rocky, From 2012-2014 got arrested three times for violation issues. In 2015 due to some breach of the agreement, his former manager sued him. 

In 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden, Mustafa Jafari was beaten and kicked by Rocky’s bodyguard. Jafari was following them and hit Rocky’s bodyguard with his headphones. Which ultimately led to a fight. Rocky and his bodyguard are kept in custody. 

In April 2022, Rocky was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport by LAPD while coming back from a vacation. He was charged with possessing a deadly weapon in 2021. To get him to bail, $550,000 was paid. 


Rocky’s life wasn’t easy. From a very young age, he learned that life isn’t a smooth joyride. His father got arrested, his brother got murdered, and he grew up in a homeless shelter for a few years and sold weed and drugs to earn money.

But even though he reached a significantamount of money from it, he knew it was not the right path. And with persistence and effort, he managed to become a successful rapper. 

Frequently asked questions 

● What is the net worth of A$AP Rocky? 

Currently, his net worth is more than $10 million 

● Who is the mother of A$AP Rocky’s son? 

Rocky has been dating Rihanna for around two years, and she is the mother of Rocky’s child. 

● In 2022, What is the age of A$AP Rocky? 

He is 33 years old.

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